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Yup! roll only this time it’s like bloodmagic for now :smile:


correct me if im wrong, but angelic [5] should have 25% dmg right? coz its 5% per rank.


Yeah that would definitely be an error in the description right there set should still function fine though :smile:


whoa. so its functioning? hmmm so does angelic affects skills w/o CD such as guideshot/boomerang etc?


Well the primaries do technically have a cooldown but yes it should effect them :smile:


so its almost as good as defiant set right? definitely gonna it out and experiment some builds with it :blush:


Yup! but it’s only good for primaries :smile:


still good tho. especially for pvpers who spams primaries… like me hohoho(too excited for xmas sorry)


Yup }:3 can’t wait to mess around in 2v2 with it though


How to fix it?


i have not seen that issue an a long time! Ummm…I can try to restore you to a previous save. Just DM me with your DQ Account email address and I will have a look on my end.


I thought we was on session 3 bit confused


That screen has always been there. Even when I tried season 2 and 1, it said season 1 beta. Oh well, it’s not a huge issue but it should be corrected to season 3.


Ok tho I was buged good to no not just me :stuck_out_tongue:


About immunities to resist ??
Is this affected by the ignore resist affix ??
Means ignore resist is usefull now in arena ?? Because stun frozen and other are now resist ? I am right ??


Maybe we should start patch discussions


Yeah, drops are worse. Now I’m getting a ton of whites & blues at level 500+ with ascension 3…


Luck has gone down too 100% for all us I think. Fix will be comeing soon


[quote=“Griffin012, post:17, topic:11890, full:true”]floor number doesn’t affect item quality
Whaat? Do you mean that I have the same chance to find legendaries at level 1 as at level 1000? (excluding the item drop limitations) Woa O_o


Griffin said item quality not item rarity :slight_smile::slight_smile: