Patch - Patch Notes


Umm… you mean those item levels -10 to +25? Ok then…


Probably yes. But since i play this game ive never loot an item that has 25% quality :wink:


Ah lol yes, I was thinking at the max.
For drops I’ve probably only seen 8-9%.

Btw the devs should improve the Emerald like the Peridot, so we won’t need to click it 15-30 times per item…


“Griffin said item quality not item rarity :slight_smile::slight_smile:
I was referring to item rarity the only way to affect the rarity of items dropped is to increase your luck so the floor number doesn’t do anything :smile:


The patch for Android (google Play) is now live.

Amazon should be approved and released tonight or tomorrow if their current review estimates hold up.

Apple will probably take the longest get released at this point.

I will update as soon as other platforms go live with this fix as well.


is the wrong description with ANGELIC set also fixed? its supposed to be 5% dmg per rank right? but only indicates 0.2% dmg >.<


That I am not sure about, will have to @SteigerBox for more info


the hp heal is right but the dmg is not. correct me if im mistaken. tnx for the fast reply btw :smile:


So with the new patch can we get the vanity already or will wait for a bit? Coz I notice that other player already have the new vanity…


vanities should be live. The Pets (free angelic slime pets) will not go out until we have all the patches for each platform live.


@tdaniel i think what @Raplayer meant are those eternal vanities which is obtained when u get to eternal league. but we noticed that other players got it already which is impossible coz eternal league is not open for now


Sorry, I thought you were asking if those were included in the patch. would have to check the specific players you are referring to on my end.


I’m on ios. I DL the patch the day it released. The 1st time I clicked on the arena screen it told me I already unlocked the vanities. I assumed it was because my toons were already in eternal Div1 the day before the patch. I went back to campaign to check vanities and sure enough I have all 3.

Thought that info might help. Love the berserker vanity btw :+1:t2::crossed_swords:


Grrr Apple App Store still doesn’t have update!

I’ve been waiting so long to use my eternalized crystallized nadroji build which I completed just before this luck issue! :sob:

Feel like a kid waiting for Christmas xD

Thanks Devs for your work!


Omg need to fix this luck problems i dont get much legends as i used to and befor i get legends every floor i come into now plyed 5 maps and no legends… Even eternal items are scarce… Wew


Other than that its awesome!! " the skin update is great… Looks like ultraman hhahah… Too bad i cant get it hahah still the games pretty awesome!


Amazon Version has been released as well. Should be live for Amazon users now.


Amazon updated!! Thx


Lucky dog! No iOS yet.


Not sure if I’m lucky yet. See link below.