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Still no update for IOS


I have been finding 2-3 leggies per like 4.2 floors. And eternals are very far and few in between. Perhals 1 per 30-40 floors.

Is this thread implying that that could be in part, the fault of a bug or stat glitch?


Our Apple update is still pending review.


Finally some trap boost!


Wow apple is very late with this update. Still nothing


Still in their queue for review.


WOW still no update


This can happen especially with Apple close to the holidays. We got (at least we thought we did) way ahead of the curve with our last update then we found the luck bug 1 day before the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US.

So I resubmitted as quickly as I could however that put us in line behind all the other companies that had submitted apps or app updates. Since they are FIFO (first in first out) we have to wait until they reach us in the queue.


Might be the problem


wow I member that monsters old lady :smile:


Apple version was just approved and released. Will take a few hours before it is seeded for download.


Installing update as we speak yay! Thanks tdaniel.


Thank the apple reviewers, they were very quick once it hit the review queue!


Umm… the luck has been fixed, but… I’m getting way less legendary and eternal items than before (without any change in gear).
Does anyone feel the same? O_o
(floors ~550 Mythic 1 or ~450 Mythic 3)


I gain more legend even the luck has not fix and got additional legends after fixing it


It’s fine for me at floor 400 mythic 3 with the same gear


It has been a LOOOOOONG time coming…but Apple TV Version of DQ patch 2.4 is live.

If you play on Apple TV and have any issues please let us know!


What if your resource system is Discordance? Using the 2nd skill will it be the same?? Using the angelic set affix


Angelic works with any skill with a cooldown that is less then or equal too 1 second so yes it should work with discordance :smile:


So, I’ve played today to check if the famous luck bug from the previous update have been fixed already and it’s no good. My Luck% is still stucked at 840%. I’ve even get Epiphany to reach the full potential of my farm gear and only the Gold Find% is capped at it’s finest.