Patch 3.0 - 1.431 Billion DPS build, comments and suggestions welcome


Tried this build on floor 5.6k and my opinion is it needs more survivability and should have crowd control when mobs are many because it doesnt rely on elem crit and elem crit dmg :wink: It dies 5-6 times before you can clear out a pack of 10mobs in a certain area


Thanks for the feedback. I’m nowhere near that high yet. Is the killing speed low at that level?


Decent. Normal mob would take 6secs average :+1: but like I said, while the hero is busy shooting only one mob, other mobs are busy trying to kill you :see_no_evil:


6 secs… that’s longer than a mythic mob at my current floor.

What would you say is the highest floor that this build will still be efficient for? I’m only mid 2300m3 (got into arena…) and at 2300 mobs melt too fast to be a threat. If this build can get up to 4000m3 I’d be pretty happy.

What cc is viable at floor 5000? Fear?


Yeah its true, normal mobs at 5k floor has quintillion hp but crushing flames will take care of it. The challenge is how to make a decent dmg to kill the mobs bec you cant kill mobs with only crushing blow.

About the highest floor this build could go I still have to check though because I am already at 5.6k before I built your build :sweat_smile: and I immediately made some few tweaks after my hero died too many times.

Fear isn’t viable, it wouldn’t hold the mobs for long. But at least for now, I think Frozen is enough with controlling mobs. Freeze+Slow+Explosion+Taunt(main toon)= Trillion/Quintillion DMG ;).


I’m thinking of adding haunting bonus which will take 40% clear cast to activate. Two slots for 100% more total damage seems like a win to me. Would free up some slots elsewhere for cc


hmm sir it is ok if i use legend MH and OH on Wizard ??


Yes. Dps will go down but should still be good until floor 3000m3


Ahh Okay .I rather farm 24/7 to get that Mh and OH. HAHA


Thank you for this!~


I spent like 15k dust to get good rolls. I think it’s like 2k to unlock each and 100-200 per craft after. Remember not to get high barbarian on the mage mh or you won’t have enough mana to spam twister.


How did you turned the masochsim’s edge yo a gauntlet? sorry newbie here.


Jasper from warrior masochist edge( axe) to wiz (gaunlet)


Okay. Got it :grinning::joy:


Do you have a video gameplay in this build ? :grinning:


Unfortunately no. I play on an iPhone which doesn’t allow for screen recording programs. I tried downloading onto my amazing fire to see if I could do a bootleg recording if my tv with my phone but due to unfamiliarity with the controller I ended up deleted a vital piece of gear when trying to equip it and haven’t tried since (3 hour download limit is longer then my patience apparently). Maybe I’ll try again this weekend.

I’m only at floor 2409m3 but that’s because I got bored of pve and started playing pvp. The build should be able to easily get to 3500m3+.


Ahh I see . Hmm what is your biggest DMG on mobs in this build ?


Can i use the rogue as main char ?


You can but around floor 1500m3 the killing speed will start to slow down. The wizard does a lot more damage and has stun which is useful for crowd control.


I haven’t found any slowdowns yet but I built my build differently. It’s basically a rogue version of a wizard build anyway. My seasonal maiden rogue discordance orb build would have been done by a wizard though but I chose rogue because more damage.

Sure no amplify and that but I have relentless which is like a free halved demonic and great for frozen and the talent mutilate to help get my orb to insane MH%. Also 500% frostbiting and 180% weaken with ascendant warrior to buff my attack even more . Overkill.

My case is different though so never mind.

Generally wizard is great anyway but there are some powerful rogue high floor build and warrior. Vial is OP , Bow is powerful and flintlock as well.