Patch 3.0 - 1.431 Billion DPS build, comments and suggestions welcome

Can i use the rogue as main char ?

You can but around floor 1500m3 the killing speed will start to slow down. The wizard does a lot more damage and has stun which is useful for crowd control.

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I haven’t found any slowdowns yet but I built my build differently. It’s basically a rogue version of a wizard build anyway. My seasonal maiden rogue discordance orb build would have been done by a wizard though but I chose rogue because more damage.

Sure no amplify and that but I have relentless which is like a free halved demonic and great for frozen and the talent mutilate to help get my orb to insane MH%. Also 500% frostbiting and 180% weaken with ascendant warrior to buff my attack even more . Overkill.

My case is different though so never mind.

Generally wizard is great anyway but there are some powerful rogue high floor build and warrior. Vial is OP , Bow is powerful and flintlock as well.


Weapon question - why not eternal hand of epiphany? I think its a great set affix, 75 caps for attack speed, elemental crit, mb crit, move speed, crushing and etc. And the same base damage

Barbarian is a much bigger dps boost then specialist. I actually started with eternal epiphany as mainhand but switched as I tweaked the build for more dps.


How does double strike work with crushing? Thinking about ring EISHETH with 50% double.

Not sure but unless you are like 3000m3+ i wouldn’t worry about tweaking the build. Get as high as you can and then based on your play style you will want to tweak the build for either more killing damage or crowd control.

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Double strike basically increase hit frequency as far as I know and it’s so brutal! It can basically repeat the damage of the attack or effect twice as a 25% chance or so. This also includes frozen and crushing flames.

With more damage coming out from double strike /hits also comes more crushing blow and easier kills.

This means 1 attack deals 2× damage or a skill hits two times instead of one, dot trigger two times at once instead of one , the damage calculation in some steps double and in turn, the chance to crushing blow increases . The chance of the 25% double strike is there every second or so and it affects anything that causes damage to enemies. Sometimes it can even trigger in a row which can be extremely powerful.

Yea double strike is god. You must try Eiseth ring (demonic) there is +50% demonic bonus but you need +50% movement speed on equipment (not on status) . Combine that with momentum and brutal.

Brutal = 3x crit dmg for deadly strike
If your crit dmg reach 350%. It mean you have chance to deal 3x350= 11.5x normal dmg
With double strike you have chance to deal 23x normal damage. Each hit.

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I remember now why I don’t have double strike in this build. I actually had it when I first started (see link in original). I switched to execute damage because crushing blow takes the mob down below 25% quickly and execute damage will double the damage below 25%. Maybe at higher floors double strike will help when trash mobs take a few seconds to kill hit at the floor I’m at (still 2500m3ish) the only mobs that last part 1 sec are mythics with defense mods so after crushing blow takes them down tonbeloe 25% I will always do double damage with execute damage and since I’m using an eternal that is almost 200% more damage. The only other piece of gear with double strike is a dagger which doesn’t fit my play style.

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That’s a pretty big multiplier. I’ll try that when I get back to floor hiking.


Yeah and it’s a 50% chance for 23 times damage instead of 11.5 times . Honestly even the 25% double strike can be more than enough in some cases.

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Percebi que a 3 construções qual delas é a atual ?

@Geheimnis the part of the original post that shows the items are the most current constructions. below the pictures he shows what his older versions of the current construction looked like. at the bottom of the original post, he lists the changes he made when there were updates to Dungeon Quest that changed how his construction worked.

Estou com problemas para craftar os itens eternos :frowning: é muito caro … Alguma opção para os lendários ?


these are the only ways to craft Eternal Items. you could get Legend versions of the Eternal items used in the build above, but just remember that Eternal items are twice as powerful as Legend items. Normal, Epic, and Legend affixes values are doubled. Myth Stones, Mythic Affixes, and Crystal affixes are not doubled. Legend items are easier to craft and less powerful, but Eternal items are more powerful and difficult to craft.

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Tenho algumas dúvidas sobre esta construção, o que o multi ATK influência no mago ? E se WEAKEM influencia muito sendo que já tenho efetivo … Essa MH e OH estão muito difíceis de conseguir, principalmente com esses Affixos :frowning:

Weaken is better than effective, theres a thread here somewhere one that. You could use legend versions of the MH & OH until you achieve eternal versions?

Weaken lowers a monsters resistance to your attacks. Weaken +30% has a 30% chance to lower a monsters resistance by 30%. the maximum Weaken is +200%. it takes up more space, but over 100% you start doing extra damage to monsters
Effective changes your Element to the monsters weakness during the damage phase of battle. so if you were battling a monster with resistance to Cold, and you were using Shock Element, when checking how much damage you do to the monster, it makes the monster feel like it got hit by Fire, which is the opposite of Cold. this gives +25% damage.
you can use Weaken and Effective together, but it takes up a lot of space. so you have to really think about your build when crafting.
Ignore Resist means what is says. your attacks ignore the monsters resists. but that means you can’t use Weaken or Effective, because those rely on monsters having resists.
Multi Attack and Extra Attack Chance (MA and EAC). Multi attack gives from +1 to +4 extra attacks for your Main Hand Primary Skill. Comet on Staff is a Primary Skill that is affected by MA. Teleport is the Primary on Offhand, but MA does not affect it. these extra attacks do 50% damage each. Extra Attack Chance has a 50% chance to give from +1 to +4 attacks. the first attack has a 50% chance, the second has a 50% chance only if you had the first chance. so to get all 4 EAC is 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.25%. these also do 50% damage each and only affect the Primary Skill on the Main Hand. if you use Discordance, it flips your Primary and Special Skills so your Special Skill is considered the Primary, and your Primary is considered your Special Skill.


I tried this rouge build and it’s really dope. . The only thing is how you apply the immolation. :pensive: Unlike frozen, single character can do.