Patch 3.0 Farming Build - Max farming stats floor 1000m3 +

Hello all,

I have updated my farming build for patch 3.0 and wanted to share it for those that still need a good farming setup. This setup consists of an updated fortune bringer build and a rogue hireling dealing fire damage with crushing flames. Stats when played on mythic 3 difficulty is 1012% gold find and luck, 350% item drop rate and a crazy good 27.9 pickup radius. All the main farming affixes are included (crystalline, nadroji, eternalized and either mythical or nadroji bonus). This setup can farm floor 1000m3 with ease (I still recommend farming floor 500m3 instead though). Set the hireling to follow you at 15 yards and he should rarely die. All you have to do is hold the knights charge button and zip around the dungeon and hit the taunt button to gather the mobs.

Note that on the warrior there are two helmets, one for when you are farming mythics, and one if you are farming rare legends or want more rare mob spawn.



Stat page



Nice build - gonna build it with some exceptions…
Is there a way to make the warrior full farming or is it really needed to put some of the affixes like luck, gold find or item drops on hireling?

Here is a post I made after doing tests on farming stats

This is a great help MeRK! Does anyone have a comparable farm build for a Wizard in 3.0?

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You can make a wizard main instead of warrior but it will not move as fast. Knightscharge on wizard acts funny and to get an aoe effect like wrath (for breaking boxes) you can do mana shield and iceburn set affix.

You can do a hireling wiz if you want, just take a good dps build and pick 6 affix slots to replace with farming slots. The trick is knowing which ones cost the least amount of dps loss.

First of all, congrats, its helping me a lot. But i has an idea to your OH. Since your set skill doesnt make a good thing, you could gain one space and test this: using Scoundrel set you gain 25% dodge. but will lose knightcharge and taunt to gain blinkstrike and quickattack. you could use bash or whattever with talent fustigate to stun enemies. How could be this? Because im new on game.

the 2 nadroji bonus doesn’t work

the Nadroji Bonus requires 2 separate items with the Nadroji Set on them to work. also, the 2 Nadroji Bonus do not stack, only 1 will work.

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Yup. The 2 Nadroji bonus thing is a placebo because what it really meant was Nadroji (6) in helping.

you can replace the nadroji helm to eternalize helm and the eternalize amulet to nadroji amulet to remove the 1 nadroji bonus to save 1 slot and 1 elixer and the nadroji bonus is still active.

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Eternal and christaline affixes. 2 nadroji items. An ephany affix everytime

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Not sure why anyone would want to frequently farm that high, though. If you have the drops already :confused:

I was thinking about farming at Floor 1k, and came to the conclusion that farming there only good for getting all the Legend and Eternal items in the Codex, so I don’t have to spend a lot of Dust to unlock them. after that, you only need to farm for Dust, Gold, Crystals, Myth Stones, and Legend+ items up to Floor 500. one thing about getting a Farm Build up to Floor 1k, you just know that it will do well up to Floor 500. :crossed_swords: :head_bandage:

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Mythic 3 501. Merlin can drop there. But spot on :grinning: if the codex says an item can be found above 10 or 1000 floor then it means plus 1

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Once you are set with your codex, all you need is to farm 500 on lowest difficulty.


Agreed unless you want the deadly sins set

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haven’t logged into the game for about half a year now. thought i’d log in and chime in on some of the questions for this thread.

  1. Regarding offhand - I think I chose the base items to best work in the farming set affixes. Some affixes are only available on certain slots.
  2. Nadroji bonus - i think there was a rumor on the forums that 2x nadroji bonus worked. stick with the mythical helm or take ichan0804’s advice to work in another affix of your choice.
  3. floor level - yes, this is mostly for unlocking codex. also some people just like to farm higher levels. There are many farm builds out there so just saying 500m3 doesn’t give people a reference on which build they should aim for if resources isn’t an issue. this build will farm 500m3 way faster than a build built to top off at 500m3.
  4. Adding scoundrel and losing knights charge - dont do it. if i recall correctly this build allows you to just zip around with knights charge and not die too much (hireling damage is crazy at this level). Shouldn’t die much unless enemies spawn with some wicked affixes. if you go higher, say 1500m3+ no amount of dodge/damage reduction/damage absorbtion will save you. It’s pretty much run, stop, kill, repeat at that point. i posted a build to farm that hikes 2200m3+ pretty easily (it can go futher, i just stopped around that level).
  5. deadly sins set - this is such a bad set. i actually had an all eternal set and it was useless even at 500m3. the set bonuses are simply useless for farming or climbing. collector items only.

hope everyone is still having fun with the game. i’m waiting for a patch with new set affixes to entice me to come back.

@MeRk welcome back.
2. I did a check of the Nadroji Bonus, and only 100% showed up on the Stat Page when you equip both of them, unless the second bonus is there, but doesn’t show up in the Stats.
5. @dickwad did some funny but useful builds using the 7DS set. I believe he made a good farming build and tried a few 7DS PVP builds that did ok, but I don’t know how high he was able to get in the Arena. just checked out one of his threads, and it was getting some wins in Mythic League.

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@Golem I spend 99% of time farming lol. Do about 1 hour per week in pvp. Currently level 38 mythic 3. When I get everything I need then I will stop farming and grind the league :slight_smile: I have 3 characters with deadly sins sets :wink:I wouldn’t part with the sets for the world :slight_smile:

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Tell you the truth @Golem I make builds , post them on here, recycle the items to dust and unsocket my elixirs for the next crazy builds. I can’t face recycling my deadly sins stuff. So they stay in my bags for later pvp days. I use them on hireling for farming

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