Patch 3.0 Farming Build - Max farming stats floor 1000m3 +


@MeRk I know SDS is a bad set. That’s what I thought when I found it. I was challenged to make a build from it and so I came up with this


nice. I think I am 1 level away from getting Angelic Aura, and am thinking of making an Ascending Set for all of my Characters, just Jasper it when time to start on the next class. I didn’t want to do it, but I changed my mind and have decided to get all my Characters to Eternal with all Perks. going to be lots of work, but sure to be fun.
(video posted while writing this post)
bwahahahaha!!! the title for that video is great! I Love Deadly Sins.

Edit: by the way, have any of your 7DS PVP builds gotten into Eternal League yet?


Not yet. I may have to stop farming and concentrate on pvp now.


Got a new build in mind but I need an eternal sky amulet to couple with eternal nadroji ring then everything is crafted with elemental critical, explosive, mythics, weapon damage, weapon damage %, element % , glasscannon


@Golem my current main character more destructive farmer


Here is me farming with my 7ds warrior at my highest map Yet. My wizard has no block or dodge and little hp. It’s a long slog @Golem @CuzegSpiked


I may have to copy your crushing flames build @CuzegSpiked or stick to cruising lower floors :slight_smile:. My damage seems to range from hundreds of thousands to 100 of billions. Must be doing something right


The deadly sins hireling is a procster. Tried variants but it has to be a proc sins character .


@dickwad I watched some of the video, and I can see how hard it is with your 7DS build. I like how Crushing Flames does such a good job of slashing HP off of monsters, but my stubbornness makes me want to try some other things just to see if there can be a variety of different builds for high Floors. just having 50-60 Dodge helps a lot. I have started some builds with that much Dodge and 45 Block, and like the results. that much time on a map is good when feeling out a build, but not all the time, at least not for me. but sometimes that much time on a map is unavoidable, so I will have to think about it.


Block and dodge on pet sounds good.




Wow I was number 9 in mythic 2v2 today


I would love to have Block on the Pet, but I haven’t seen Block show up on any Pets in all the time I have been Crafting Pets. as good as 60% Dodge & Block sounds, the extra 15% for Block on a Pet would be great, but I have a hard time justifying it on the other items. at least for the builds I have thought of. maybe I need to take a hard look at my control issues and let my Toons take wing out of my Crafting Nest.


Then hope you drop an eternal block and dodge pet :slight_smile:


well, block only drops on OH weapons normally, and on certain Legend Warrior items, and can only be crafted on OH weapons, so I don’t see how you can get Block on a Pet at all. I am sure finding Block on a Pet is a good way for getting a Dev’s attention, but not good for the Pets owner. :spy:


So near to eternal but yet so far. :triumph: :joy:


haha, my 2v2 is down in Legend and needs some work to move up, and I think some new blood has moved up into Eternal, my 1v1 is getting knocked around something awful. my Farming build is still doing ok in Eternal but still looking forward to getting my full time PVP Character up and running.


I think mythic league is full of abandoned characters. A ghost league of people who don’t play anymore. So I spend my time fighting ghosts. I check their profiles and see socketed items with empty sockets and unloved pets. Its grim.Offline victories or defeats rarely happen because I think the activity is in eternal league. I use farming in pvp too lol when I can’t be bothered


Unloved Pets. :crying_cat_face:
I don’t know why, but this makes me feel sad for some reason.


I’m stashing my legend pet army on non farming characters until I have brainwaves for new builds