Patch 3.0 Farming Build - Max farming stats floor 1000m3 +


haha, you have helpful brainwaves! :cloud_lightning: :thinking:


An elemental pet with a chimera mayhem chaos build. Terrashapper with 6DS build with earthshatter etc


Ooohhh I need a permafrost pet. All my characters are now icy. Freezing an opponent buys time in pvp. Pet hunting here I go


I dropped a legend permafrost pet today. Right time to roll some stats


Tweaked my farming wizard by making a nice fabled staff :slight_smile:


Got my rogue levelling up my wizards permafrost pet. In case your wondering


Is insane… nice! How about Timewarp offhand with cosmic power set? Inside area Rogue’s dmg is increased by50% + 50%, probably good against bosses, dont using perks (only 1 cosmic set), or 50% zero perks, only OH.


On Nadroji Set Bonus: The build I’m using (from the codex update) uses that bonus, and it was working at the time. Can’t say much for now, as I do not play enough to test.


don’t need that you only need is to taunt them and they all die :joy:


Works on mainhand and offhand projectiles as long as you cast timewarp and the cosmic power set affects the timewarp and the skills inside timewarp. Also even if the projectile skills leave timewarp after being first cast inside timewarp, they still recurve the 50% increased MH/OH% from timewarp and some extra from cosmic power.