Patch 3.0 - Patch Notes


Patch Notes

  • Features
    • Shadows and Shadow Settings - Shadows have been added to the game. To set the quality of the shadows or turn them off, check Options.
    • Legendex Crafting
      • Can craft any Legend you have already found aside from Pets and Trophies
    • Eternal Crafting and Unlock
      • Can craft any Eternal Legend once unlocked
    • New Sets
      • Sadism - Summoned Minions take 5% HP of DMG every second. Summon DMG is increased by (rank)% of missing HP
      • Crushing Flames - Increases the final DMG of Crushing Blow by (rank)% if the enemy is Immolated. Immolation DMG increased by (rank2)%
      • Electrocution - Each Shock Effect Stack an enemy has increases the DMG they are dealt by (rank)% while below 25% HP
    • New Affixes
      • Double Strike - Chance for enemies to take DMG twice on hit
      • Double Mitigate - Chance to mitigate DMG dealt twice when hit
      • Execute DMG - Increases DMG by (rank)% when enemy is below 25% HP
      • Hyper Armor - Reduces DMG taken by (rank)% while attacking
      • Ally Healing - Gives an additional (rank)% of your Base HP in Ally Healing when you hit an enemy
      • Immolation DMG - Increases the DMG dealt by Immolation
      • Shock Effect Max - Increases the max amount of Shock Effect Stacks on enemies by (rank)
    • Pet Crafting - Can now apply Diamond through Flourite and Topaz to any pet for 5 crystals of that type
    • Gold Purchases - All Gold purchases give dramatically more Gold
    • New Feats
      • Slay Enslavers - Kill Epic ( orange ) Enslavers above map floor 400
      • Slay Legend Enslavers - Kill Legend ( red ) Enslavers above map floor 400
      • Slay Mythic Enslavers - Kill Mythic ( purple ) Enslavers above map floor 400
    • Season 4 - Ranking Reset, Earn Season 1 Vanity
    • Proc Changes - All Procs now have an Internal CD that matches the skill's cooldown.
    • Stats
      • Reducing the amount of stat points gained per level from 3 to 1
      • Tripling the amount given by each stat
      • Updating Stats screen to show DMG min-max properly
      • Increasing speed of spending Stat points
      • Free stat respec for all characters
      • Class bonuses are increased by 3x per point
  • Design
    • Sets
      • Iceburn changed to - Damages nearby enemies {0146} (rank)% MH every 2s while Mana Shield is active.
      • Overload deals shock damage
      • Reactor's effect range is now dependent on Reactor's rank. Now adds AoE Range to Reactor Range
      • Arcanist changed to: - Weakened also applies Arcane Debuff. Increases {0032} ED% by (rank)% for each enemy with the Arcane Debuff.
      • Dropping Cerebral Vortex's Spell Duration from 2 seconds to 1 second
      • Hunger/Masochism Checks now happen before Alchemy Checks
      • Permafrost increased from 10 to 15% per rank
      • Scoundrel changed to - Increases Balance by (rank)% and Dodge by (rank2)%. Changes MH Skills to Quick Attack and BlinkStrike.
    • Affixes
      • Raising Caps for CC Resists from 100 to 200
      • Changing "Slow Projectile" affix to "Slow Orb", only affects Orb Spells
      • Summon HP affix changed to: Offering - Minion's Heal (rank)% of your missing HP on death
      • Desc update for Weaken
      • Weapon % Affix values increased by 100%
      • Resource Cost values increased from 2.5-10 to 5-25
      • Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Fortune affixes increased Max from 5 to 10
      • Strength/Intelligence min range changed to from 1 to 0.01
      • Clearcast affix value range increased from 2.5-12.5 to 5-25
      • MP Absorb affix values changed from 2.5-10 to 2-20
      • Balance affix max value increased from 25 to 50
      • HP/MP Total affixes changed to 7500 (from 10000/5000)
      • AoE range affix range changed from 0.25-1.25 to 0.2-2
    • Talents
      • Infusion changed from 5 to 10 resist per rank
      • Cosmic changed from 10 to 25 resist per rank
      • Sacrifice increased from 2.5 to 10% DMG per rank
      • Fester changed to - (rank)% Element DoT duration and Speed for 4 seconds on Hit
    • Skills
      • Lowering Storm's CD from 8 seconds to 7
      • Changing Storm's Hero Skill cost reduce stat to +Elemental Crit
      • Increasing Storm's CD reduce from Hero Skill from -1% per rank to -1.5%
      • Storm now covers entire Spell Effect range
      • Orb is no longer considered a projectile
    • Mythics
      • Blood Magic changed to - Converts Resource system to HP. Replaces all MP, MP Regen, and MP Leech with HP equivalents. Doubles Spell cost. Increases DMG by 200% of missing HP
      • Fury changed to - Converts Resource system to Fury. Makes Primary skills recover 25% Fury and Specials cost 40% Fury. Lose 5% Fury every second. Increases Specials' DMG by Fury %  ( more to change later )
      • Alchemy changed to - Reduces the highest of HP/MP when losing them and increases the lowest of either when recovering. Increases DMG by 50% of your lowest current HP/MP %
      • Draught's duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds
      • Fleeting now gives 100% MP regen (up from 25%) while moving and no longer has a penalty
      • Sanctuary now only gives 1 second of immunity, down from 2
      • Recover now increases all healing by 100% of missing HP after not taking damage for 2 seconds
      • Redirect now properly applies in PvP and now increases Reflect Damage from dodge/block by 100%
      • Equivalence increased from 60% to 65%
      • Dauntless increased from 1% to 5%
      • Sureshot now triggers Deadly Strike instead of Critical Strike
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix for Defense and Withstanding negatively affecting user
    • Fix for having Skull Shield active giving shield wall endless duration while Skull Shield was up
    • Fix for Equality Set not also giving Offhand Damage increase
    • Fixed range on Orb's Reactor.
    • Fix for Discordance working unintentionally on procs
    • Complete Legendex is now saved properly on the server
    • Fixing Cyclone Taunt
    • Fix for collection notification from feat rewarded Pets
    • Skipping non player skills in Offensive Stats
    • Added check for bogus hero skill points
    • Time Warp now properly slows Enemy Projectiles
    • Fix for desperation restoring wrong amount of MP
    • Fix for minor controller issues
    • Fix for downloads not having a limit.
    • Fix for Arcane weapons showing wrong information on the skill screen
    • Fix for IAP tracking and Ad enabling, causing ads to improperly turn off without purchase

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Brutal. Thank you for all of your hard work, guys!


Is the update in iOS coming up this day?


it has been released for android apple and amazon.

Each take a few hours before the patch can be downloaded, but yes, it should be available today.


Update is live for Android


This is the real steel :sunglasses:


LOHKO would rock this shit again


Luck stat cap decreased?


Nope. Why would it be decreased?


Coz before i have 1007 luck then now its 900+ around like that… though i still have luck boost left


Luck remains untouched :smile:


This patch is a joke which reminds me the ancient time v1.7 :joy:


Good to know


I know bruh. That Bloodmagic now is OP af than the old BM in v1.7 which only grants 82.5% damage increase at rank (5) Lol gotta use this Resource again!


Something happened every time i use my last skill this appears… I think its because of trickster


Before without the jester pet it’s normal


quality visual bug :ok_hand:


That is only one :wink:


I also noticed that there’s a prob in the shadow thing like that… even if its disabled there’s shadow
It happend when i open some other app while its on game

In the first pic I didn’t adjust the shadow quality
Its disable but there’s still shadow


You’re going to have to be more specific about the app that causes this