Patch 3.0 - Patch Notes


Hmmm Google while opening forums


Ok will have to see if someone else on a different device can reproduce because I cannot


Looks like the shadows are enabled when you switch apps. All you should have to do is cycle through the shadow options again, verify that they are off in game, use the options menu to choose “main menu” this should save your settings.


About Electrocution set, is this set exclusive or we can get it randomly via amethyst…


You may get all of the new sets through amethyst :smile:


Why the color of enslaver in change,…??
I didn’t even remember kill enslaver, and I get drop pets,… :smile:
It’s hard to recognize enslaver now…


I can’t agree with this update…


Orb is not pulling back even with living force?


Why? it’s still the same. Even though it’s reduced to 1 form 3 they still Tripled the amount given by each stat gives so, what’s the point?


Chance bro .


So, what does the higher rarity Enslaver gives? An ultrare Lenged/Eternal Pet with good affixes?


They changed it orb is no longer a Projectile


Yes orb is no longer a projectile this means living force does not work with it


Just feel something missing…
Before update we have 3 point, and now only 1…


Only eternal pet with random affixes…


You have 1/3 less but they are 3x more powerful. It evens out.


Reactor +orb user will be sad :sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved:


very very very sad :sob:


Orb was drastically more powerful for PvP then it should have been and remains insanely powerful despite the change :slight_smile: as for reactor though it’s always been the worst PvP set in the game by a sizeable maragin so I’m not that worried about that one ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Thanks for the update dungeon quest :grin:. Now i have more goals from now on.