Patch 3.0 - Patch Notes


Damn. Mirror Image Bug on warrior is back. :frowning: Can you PM me a pic of ur equips?

Because there are 3 types of Enslavers now.

Affixes are still random but Legend Enslavers give out Legend Pets and Mythic Enslavers give out Eternal Pets.


Thanks a lot @Clogon cheers! :smile:


So after we kill 50 epic Enslavers, it will spawn 1 legend enslaver…


I accidentally forgot to sync my progression
And i can’t sync in Outdated Version
I just need to sync my phone progress
So i can update :frowning:


You can update without syncing.


Now i don’t have problem in Updating the App but I lost anything and i got my old progression do support work?
I think they not because they are not responding i just send email in support so i they backup my progress with my pics


Lol so many build could. Even my build I could give a try with that but yeah. I agree that it could work like that in some way.


Yup still the same.

103 power is still same as old 299 power. Same with 103 HP and 103 MP.

The difference is that it’s so much faster and less RIP Carpel Tunnel Syndrome from tapping those stat points for how many god forsaken times. Super fast .




Fire and Shock are more viable now!!!1 YAAAAY! :smiley:


Heck yeah!!! Awesome update!! Keep it up guys im going to try the cyclone mythic tho im curious on how its goin to turn out


It takes hour’s to make some build now coz of this


Awesome huh :blush:!!

No more save cheating.




How, many save limits?


since 3.0 the loading kinda slow … :sweat: hope you can start fix the performance issue later one :slight_smile: afterall is a really good update =D


How exactly do you collect dust? And updates like these, why don’t you put them in that news box that has those 3 announcements, it took me a while before I got so confused that I checked the forums because everything was different


Dust is collected through the salvage option on legends :slight_smile: :+1:


How many save limits​ after 3hours?


Each time upload/download need to wait for 3 hours.

Can't download from.dq account (3h)