Patch 3.0 - Preview


#Patch 3.0 - A Patch of Dust and Shadows

Since the new year has started, we’ve been working hard on adding some new features to Dungeon Quest that we’ve been meaning to add for quite some time. In fact, we ended up adding so much to the game that it deserves to increase the game’s version to the next tier of versions - Version 3.0!

##New Feature: Shadows

The technology is finally here! We’ve always been conscious of low performing devices and as time has passed and devices have improved, we decided that it’s finally time to improve how the game looks one more step.

We’ve lovingly placed shadows into every level to enhance your play experience! If shadows happen to not be your thing, we’ve also added the option to set the quality level of your shadows - we even let you turn them off!

##New Feature: Legend and Eternal Legend Crafting

Have a lot of Legends taking up space in your inventory? Would you like to turn them into something useful, knowing you can recreate them later? Well now you can!

Our new Legend Crafting System allows you to Salvage your unwanted Legend and above items in return for a new currency - Dust!

If you have already unlocked a Legend item, you can now navigate to the LegendEx and create it for Dust. If you haven’t unlocked the item, you’ll be able to unlock creation of the Legend item with Dust! This provides a new way to target the Legend items you want while not being a slave to random chance.

This system does have a few restrictions. The rarer the Legend item, the higher the crafting and unlock cost. Also, you can only craft normal Legend items with this system, no Pets or Trophies.

To make sure your collection stays safe, we have also fixed a few issues related saving your LegendEx progress.

###Eternal Tracking

Not only will you be able to create Legends item from the LegendEx in Patch 3.0, you’ll also be able to create Eternal Legends from the brand new Eternal Tracking Section of the Codex.

The prices are much higher, but the reward is being able to create Eternal items of your choosing.

##More Content!

Like with every patch, we try to include as much content as we have time for. We took a bit more time with this patch, therefore there’s a bit more new content to look forward to!

###New Sets

  • Sadism - Summoned Minions take 5% HP of DMG every second. Summon DMG is increased by (rank)% of missing HP
  • Crushing Flames - Increases the final DMG of Crushing Blow by (rank)% if the enemy is Immolated. Immolation DMG increased by (rank2)%
  • Electrocution - Each Shock Effect Stack an enemy has increases the DMG they are dealt by (rank)% while below 25% HP

###New Legends

We’ve added new Legend items for each of the new sets, and have added Legends for the Angelic and Demonic sets added in previous patches! Make sure to check the LegendEx once the patch is live to see what those new Legends are like.

###New Affixes

  • Double Strike - Chance for enemies to take DMG twice on hit
  • Double Mitigate - Chance to mitigate DMG dealt twice when hit
  • Execute DMG - Increases DMG by (rank)% when enemy is below 25% HP
  • Hyper Armor - Reduces DMG taken by (rank)% while attacking
  • Ally Healing - Gives an additional (rank)% of your Base HP in Ally Healing when you hit an enemy
  • Immolation DMG - Increases the DMG dealt by Immolation
  • Shock Effect Max - Increases the max amount of Shock Effect Stacks on enemies by (rank)

##Quality of Life Additions

###Additional Pet Crystal Crafting Options

To facilitate customizing your pets a bit more, we’ve enabled the Diamond through Fluorite and Topaz crystals on Pets. The only difference is that these Crystals will consume 5 of each type instead of the usual 1 crystal.

###Stat Change and Reset

Having near 300 stat points was always a bit tedious to assign and respec, so we’ve cut down the amount of stat points you gain per level from 3 to 1, and have tripled the effectiveness of each Stat. We’ve also improved the speed a bit of stat assigning.

###Better Gold Purchases

With recent economy changes and improvement in past patches, the gold purchase had become unfortunately outdated. Each purchase now yields 100 TIMES the amount of gold as they did before!

##Season 4 and Proc Changes

In Season 4 you’ll once again be able to unlock Season 1’s vanity items, so if you missed those before, now is your chance!

One of the major changes in Season 4 will be how we’re changing Proc Effects (Skills that trigger outside of casting them). High frequency and devastating Proc Effects were ruling the Arena in previous seasons which was causing a few issues! In 3.0, Procs will now have an “Internal Cooldown” based on the skill’s own Cooldown once it is procced. This means that for larger cooldown, heavier impact spells, they will now trigger at a much more reasonable rate.

To lower this cooldown, you can invest in “Reduced CD” effects which will now lower Internal Cooldowns and normal Cooldowns.

We’ve also made quite a few balance tweaks, so make sure to check out the patch notes for more details on the upcoming balance changes.

##Patch Release and Notes Coming Soon!

We’re in the process of creating builds and waiting on submission reviews, but once everything has passed we’ll release this Patch as soon as possible! Expect the patch notes to be posted just before we release, which should hopefully be very soon.

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Nice patch gonna grin in higher floor again with this new update


Woooo!!! Now that’s exciting.


the best part of this game has for me is being able to customize gear and get perfect rolls. so glad this is being added to pets.


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Cool story bro


To facilitate customizing your pets a bit more, we’ve enabled the Diamond through Fluorite and Topaz crystals on Pets. The only difference is that these Crystals will consume 5 of each type instead of the usual 1 crystal.
This pets include ledgend or even eternal pets ?


Good ha ha a


Yey ! Finly we can customize our pet haha ! Wish granted.
I hope also we can battle steiger/tdaniel and all dq mods/devs ais for example griffin holding div3 if u cant defeat his ai u cant enter div2. Hahah wishing again :sweat_smile:


Each div has a boss? Cooooooool!


COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!! Now those Torrents from CV will get Slower :joy: Grats to CV and Terrashaper , Overload Lovers :sunglasses: . Our ORB too , the reactor’s arc . But we’re still fine :heart_eyes: But with those affixes ? Ranged PvP players have much power in arena . Get Ready to Face Those . LMAO .


This will include legend pets but eternal pets remain as uneditable as always :smile:


As for , those new affixes . Are they rollable via obsidian?


And please in eternal crafting , add chance in having crystal affix on eternals like the farmed eternal on campaign , that would be greater .


They are drop only legend affixes :slight_smile:


Dang! What a great morning surprise!
The long wait is over!!! <3 Thank you @SteigerBox and the rest of the team!


Ow , thanks ! But still great . New Builds are coming . 3.0 version , Im assuming to get new gifts :sunglasses: just like last patch


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