Patch 3.0 - Preview






who have already update 3.0 here???


hello sir?




Yay grind mode again lol finally fire and lightning attribute got some love from the devs


Well you’ll get a lot of dust lol. Oh and I had a full stash and 6 character nearly until I had a test update to test out dust. I sure wish everyone luck with dust when the real deal comes out love to the public.


Yup. That’s what I like. Arcanist got love and now fire with shock. Although Arcanist is changed alot.
It won’t visibily show increased damage like it used to but 20% ED per enemy is arguably far more powerful imo.


I came.


Yeah it feels good when you see the new patched. T_T. Guys accept me in group in fb name Mark Angelo P. Tuando accept me in the group please.


I deleted my fb meanwhile.


So how soon is it, i cant log into the game since it requires newer version but i cant update it either :stuck_out_tongue:


Very very soon :slight_smile:


I cannot log into the game. When will this new patch be available. I checked playstoreand its not there.


To prevent account issues, login has the be disabled for all clients but 3.0.

The patch should be available in the next few hours.




did the patched release now?


Yes, it should be available on all platforms now.


Woohoo finally a good patch for Fire and Lightning…and the best of all is crafting my little babies! (pets)


Yes. My charged inferno revived.