Perfect roles... how?

In almost every build I’ve seen people have perfect roles and stats on their gear (10,000 hp for example) is getting these perfect roles a matter of luck when using a diamond, or is there an easier way?

max out the quality of your gear before applying crystals.

this gives much higher chance for higher / perfect rolls


if you are adding a crystal affix to gear you already have, then do what @ObiWanKenobi said, but if you are starting with a blank item, make sure you have the crystal affix you want, then max the quality of item, then roll for perfect crystal affix.

Also you should have rubies a lot of them because they have higher affixes.

exemple: You get 100% weapon DMG using topaz if you use ruby it will be more than 100%.

you cant roll legend weapon dmg. :smile:

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yes, I noticed that when my gear is max Quality, the Legend affixes are max most of the time. if you have the ruby’s, then you can take them out and replace them, if you don’t get max values. if not, do it the hard way like I did, use diamond to max stats for the Crystal and Legend at same time, and hope for the best.

Peridot your base item to level 100 before aplying affixes

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well, shoot, no way I would do this much crafting on an item lower than 100! :slight_smile:

You can’t with Weapon DMG % but you can with Weapon DMG +.

which is a whole number up to 100-5000 i believe? but definitely not 200% wd. i wish. big difference

Plus its + 7500hp now it got nerfed after 3.0 sad

Try maxing your item quality first.

Go to floor 500 or more then start rolling your stats there. I’m not sure about this but I saw great significance when rolling on higher floor.

yup and also hard to get so better try to improve weapon with obsidian attack spd affix.

I like to strip affixes of legends then re craft. Sounds silly

I noticed that too ages ago but I wasn’t super sure. :slight_smile: .


~> Maximize your item’s quality
~> Max crystal affix or pre-crafted legend affix first with diamond
~> Craft crystal affix or a legend affix and pray for RNG gods throw a perfect one (Legend ones can be recrafted as much as you want)
~> When you have 4 slots left, craft your mythic
~> Craft epic affixes and re-roll its value with [insert crystal name]
~> Done


There is a Weapon DMG % legend affix but it says you can’t roll it :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly what i said

Oh. my bad xD