Perfect roles... how?


Yeah. I’ve tried rolling at floor 1 on my item with 25% Quality and Level 100. I can’t get a perfect roll.


I know @PaNgaHazZz. I did that with some level 1 gear too, and the quality only helps a little. item level affects affix max, at least that is what I see. the closer you are to level 100 gear, the better the chance for max affixes. I am experimenting with using Myth stones for my level 1 gear for my other 5 characters for when they Ascend. Myth stones are max at any level gear.


quality + max ilvl. this is the recipe


Using Mythstone is the perfect choice rather than rolling a low level item.


All im looking for is that Epiphany bonus and +100% ed. Every time i use quartz it just doesn’t appear… Sad



and it wont. quartz is NOT truly random.


I think 100% ED can only be found on Legend items. loot-yes, roll-no. you need 5 epic ED% to get 100% ED%.


this is correct. however, what death is trying to do is completely different. and cant be done.

tested, and confirmed.

quartz will always remove lowest to highest tier affixes, making it impossible to remove set affixes / bonuses, without losing the ED.

literally thousands upon thousands of dust confirming this. and a fellow player performing same tests with same results.

in summary, quartz is NOT random at all.


there is some random, like, randomly take from 1 to all affixes in one roll.


its more complex then that. yes it can remove ALL at once, one roll. but if, and when it doesnt, you will notice the pattern. therefor, as i stated, it is not random at all. theres a pattern. 100% recognizeable pattern.

i have over 30k dust, and this has been tested by more then just me.

feel free to use your dust and find out. the definition of random is explicit. quartz is not random.

try this… remove all affixes from a nadrojis robe except pickup radius and ED%…

hint : you cant. if it were truly random, then this should be possible.


The only randomness is the chance of removing 1, 2, 3 or 6 affixes at once but it removes in the order of tiers. But it’s not random really in terms of which affixes get removed. It just has a chance of how many affixes get removed at once in a specific order.

Truly random is just that, truly random. Quartz isn’t random let alone truly random.

The set affix is at the top and the bonus is even higher so if you ever want to remove a bonus , well you’ll lose the set affix and the legend affix along with it so it’s just not possible to remove things like epiphany bonus but keep 100% ED and epiphany. Same case with Nadroji Bonus.


well, I did say ‘some random’. I have read enough of the forums to not try to use quartz to get rid of high tier affixes while trying to save lower tier ones. I have enough stress learning to craft what I want without ignoring the Wisdom all you kind Toons have shared with us poor beginners. :laughing:
right now I am learning about using looted Legend affixes to craft a build. the more of those kind of Legends you need for a build, the more complicated it gets. :confounded: :worried: :persevere:
and then there is the problem of maxing out the values. first the build has to be viable, and then you start throwing Emeralds into the gear, and then start rolling like crazy until the roll is maxed or you run out of crystals.:dizzy_face::cold_sweat::sob::weary::rage::persevere::no_good::head_bandage:
like I had a 22% Elite dmg on item with 10 Intelligence. put a few Emeralds into it, then tried getting the Elite dmg up. was worried I would get the Elite dmg 25% with 8 Intelligence. would mean more rolling. :unamused: but happily, RNG blessed me with max on both first try, after using about 30+ crystals.


So it was impossible. Sad… Thank you for the reply


look this i did today… removed epyhani bonus.


the only problem is that the item wont be considered a Legend item anymore as far as rolling perfect affixes. there was a post by a Dev about affixes on Legend items not going under 75% of max when rolling for max values. I kind of did something like this, making a Legend item a non-Legend item, and when rolling for max affix values, I got rolls from lowest possible values to max, so it takes more Crystals to get max values, unless you are lucky. unless it is very important to your build to do this to your item, it might end up costing you more in the end.


@Alanderson best thing to do is find legends with affixes you want but can’t craft. Then remove all the ones you don’t want then craft new ones.


Legend items with a Bonus on them are hard to get the Bonus off of without making the item harder to use or unusable at all.


Hold on ! Is it possible to keep a set bonus on an item having removed the set?


I think it is possible, but that would only be worth doing for Set Bonus’ that have other requirements than Set Affixes. then there is the chance of losing other Affixes you want to keep, or losing the Legend ranking of the item itself, making it a non-Legend item. that means when you roll affix values, you have the full range of the affix coming up, instead of the Legend items better chance of having higher rolls. and that is before you even use Emeralds. I already tested this, and it is harder to get max affix values on Epic items with 25% Item Quality than it is on Legend items with 25% Item Quality.


I was thinking of keeping the set bonus on and re adding set after crafting. Eg stripping crushing flames down to immolation and set bonus. Then try adding a mythic. Then re adding crushing flames. Then adding affixes