Pets - Why no codex purchase?

I am starting to collect some Pets and I was toying with one and ended up removing Trickster by accident from Legend Jester due to some lag I had. When I went to use an Amethyst to try and replace it, it appears you are unable to use.

Furthermore, you cannot use Dust to make any of them from the CODEX.

For as much trouble as they are to get, it sure seems like a real bottleneck for Pets.

Lastly, as you collect them, you will need to use another Character or eat up some valuable bank space to save them due to not being able to use the CODEX to remake them.

Any plans to change being able to make them from Dust out of the CODEX?


pets allow a build to be crafted with 42 spaces instead of just 36. this is what makes them rare and valuable, especially Legend & Eternal Pets.

also, if you could buy them with Dust, we wouldn’t need Enslavers at all.


I meant after you unlock them, not outright.


well, it is their rarity as Legend Pets that make them so valuable. if the Dev’s had wanted, they could have made Legend/Eternal Pets only available for $ and have no Enslavers in the game at all.

besides, before Patch 3.0, there was no Dust in the game at all, so no one was able to buy Items or Pets from the LegendEx. you had to farm it to have it.

here is a story I wrote on how I think Dust became a part of DQ.


They basically have by making you purchase “Monster Spawn” perk in order to make a dent in the ability to farm Enslavers. Once in a great while you can get the free perk for 5 min but thats not often.

Thanks for being active on the boards. There seems to only be a few of you around here anymore :slight_smile:


they changed it to 10 minutes when you finish the Orb Feat. but yeah, it is random as to which hour bonus you get… hmm, I think the pay bonus is 2 hours now?

thanks, I like DQ and learning and sharing. as long as I keep thinking of new Builds and combinations, it wont grow stale. I think I have finally thought of a Farm Build that I can finally call the Golems Ultimate Farm Build. I have tried a number of Farm Builds to discover what works best for me for what I want when farming. now I just need to figure out the best affixes and Sets for the Build so I can get all the loot that I want.