Pistoleer Rogue Build: Summoning Princess

This is a farewell treat for you all.

The craft is inspired by @flasher13’s rogue(best camper in game) and @dickwad(the master summoner).

There are many ways you can improve or modify this craft.
The build I am sharing is balanced for camping and mobility.

Note: If you want more damage you might want to find a ring and chest gear with legend affix push the limit and use it as foundation for the two items. Remove +10 ricochet if you use this approach.

Do not use barbarian legend affix for this craft.


Versus Immortals
Pile up the draws via Vault OH Skill. The draw number varies from opponent to opponent. The furies from apocalypse mythic will give you cover. They die for you.

You need extra caution and finger work versus non-stop charging immortals with enigma. However, you should still be able to outrun them with the help of furies. If you want to have easier time with them consider using enigma mythic and remove the +10% deadly strike epic affix in the OH Bomb instead.

Versus other tanky builds
These are high HP Builds that use either bloodmagic or energy mythic. They are usually charging builds. You can draw up to round three if you want to finish them quick by the time you face them.

Other builds
Your choice of how you fight them. You will win as long as you shoot at them. You will be outranging everyone(except @flasher13’s rogue) but wait…

This you can do via vault-timewarp-shoot-vault away combo(yes you should be fast but this is very easy and satisfying after practice). The instruction is special because his camper rogue stands above the others.

The pieces:






Trinket and Pet

AI Setup:

Stat Point Distribution:


I have a lot of reading to catch up so I’m gonna have to leave for good.

Thanks to everyone especially:
et. al.


Why does nobody use fury for this build? Isn’t it better instead of using Mp affixes? I see dozens of campers in arena, but they can easily be killed if they are out of mana. Or am I wrong?

By the way, really nice build :+1:, maybe I make a rogue camper too in future.


Cheerio @NUIQUE. Nice craft :grinning:

great build, thanks for many cool & helpful posts, and we’ll save you a spot in the Forums for when you come back. enjoy the reading, reading is cool & helpful too!.


Cheerio @Mr_Scooty and @NUIQUE has contributors or even your then same one or joint collaboration force. Thanks. Now @Golem you asked if time warp increased minion damage I tested yes but then you would literally stand inches away from your enemy. You have seen my immortal and anti hybrid summoners. That would be disaster. But this variant swings to more the tank so @Nunique has made a good build for that approach with enough critical. :sunglasses:

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when they leave the Timewarp, just follow them and cast it back on where they stop to smash the enemy…:smiling_imp:


Now because my builds are more critical I have to cast time warp then vault back and ricochet . Time warp usually spawns furies but if you have enigma OH then you to vault back fast or face away from the enemy then cast timewarp.

Or you die in a second :sunglasses: hard-core gamestyle :joy:

haha, what a difficult & fun & scary Build!


Sometimes I just vault like a maniac towards the enemy pressing all buttons lol :roll_eyes: that’s when I’m bored.

I would like to say one thing to @Nunique at the parting of the ways. Thanks for honouring me with the title of Summoner Master :grinning: But it must be said after 2 years hard work , I’m surely am ( lol :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:)


so off topic but kind of Rogue related, I have been looking at Deadly Arts Set and just discovered I have a Bane Imp. have been recently thinking of using Deadly Arts with Deadly Strike to boost DPS on a Farm Build, so have been thinking of which other Sets to use it with, but on my poor Wizard.

this is the first time I have thought of a Legend Imp being so useful for one of my Builds. maybe do a partial Summon Farm Build with Recall & Sacrifice. or use Sacrifice with Apocalypse Mythic instead. that sounds even better for some reason. my first Apocalypse Build! the Deadly Apocalypse Farm Build!!! bwahahahahaha!!!


The joy of deadly sins is furies army. You ma need only one or two furie procs start with one and remember evey affix effects them :japanese_goblin: And now you have Merlin …lol :space_invader:

You don’t need apocalypse on deadly sins but maybe prismatic :thinking:or drop Merlin have a legend element pet crafted ???

No. You won’t run out of mana because of alchemy + druidic bonus.

This craft benefits from alchemy more than fury mythic.


Wow. To be mentioned alongside @Mr_Scooty is just wow.

Thanks again guys.


@nuique nice crafting. then thankyou to sharing build everyone💘


I’m going to add to @NUIQUE guide. There are brilliant summoners in the arenas. You can be over run by spirits, furies and command. The trick is to vault over the summons and attack the summoner.


And there summoners who have also discovered the element set . Bad bad times :hugs: