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I’m just starting to play the game and i find ir really awesome tho some aspects of it are still unclear to me. For example: i am lv. 21 now and for the last levels the skills i had available for my mage were Blast and Twister, but now they are gone and how there are active Pierce and Orb. I don’t understand. Can i or i can’t select the active skills on the skills slots on the screen? If i can, how? If i can’t, how would i know when they rotate or how the game determins which are available for use on the screen?

It’s very unclear for me this aspect…

Skills are part of the weapons you are wearing (e.g. Blast and twisters are on gloves) . Experiment with different weapons.

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Welcome to DQ! :sunglasses:

And where can i find the list of each type of gear and associated skills…?
Thank you for your answer! :grinning:

Keep playing and you’ll find soon. You can reroll special skill with amber

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If you find other class weapons you can convert them into your own class with jasper. All classes have 4 main hand and 4 off hand weapon types. For a wizard you have glove (blast) , staff (meteor) , wand( barrage) and Blade (pierce) . Those skills cannot be changed. The other skill can be changed with amber. The off hand permanent skills are Skull(skullshield) , look at your codex in the section for wizard legend items. Look at weapons and shields. It tells you there.

If @Golem was not internet locked down for the unforeseeable future then you would get a huge detailed guide. But for now my advice is just to play the game for a few weeks. And when your progress has halted come back and ask for tips.

Will do!

Thank you!

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When I started nearly three years ago it took me two weeks to get to mythic 3difficulty. Then I started to drop difficulty levels and climb again as far as you can go. Then drop 200 floors and raise the difficulty level. Best tip :sunglasses:

Then once you have your first Nadroji items then the game truly opens. Floor 1110 ish is where they drop the most.

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If i’m assigning points to the skill that rise the items and gold drop rate on the main character is it necessary to put points on every hero i hire to help him in the battle or is it enough on him?

Also, which is the upper limit for every skill, 10 points per skill or it goes higher…?

If I recall correctly, luck and gold find are averaged between your main character and your hireling, so ideally, you’ll want it on both.

The limit for hero skills is 40, but you can only add up to 20 points manually. The rest must come from gear bonuses.


Thanks for these clarifications :blush: