Please explain this to me

What’s those thing, what’s their use and how to get it?

those are Perks. there are 6 of them. when you reach Character level 99, click on the Shop Tab, and on the General Tab, at the bottom right after the Gold Purchases, there is a button you can click on that gives you a choice of 6 Perks to choose from, but you need 5 million Gold to do the first one. if it is greyed out, your level is too low to click on it.

here is a Patch Note that explains what each Perk does.

some Players don’t get the Perks because they don’t want or need them, but for those Players who want them, they help with Farming and getting Loot & Rewards.

the down side for getting Perks is that after getting a Perk, you get reset to Level 1. your Items get put in your Inventory until you are a high enough level to equip them again. your Stats go back to level 1, but your Hero Points are unaffected. also, the experience needed to level up goes up 2x or more depending on how many Perks you go for.

when you have a Perk, it will say Active. when you have a Main & Hireling, any Perks that are active on the Main will be Active for the Hireling also. if the Hireling has Perks, they will be Inactive, except for the Dealer Perk. if the Hireling has the Dealer Perk, but the Main does not, only the Hireling gets the benefit of the Dealer Perk.

hope this helps.


Okay Tysm Golem you’re really helpful!

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if you choose to go for the Perks, make sure you consider what order you want to do them in.

for first timers, Fortunate & Accomplished first with Dealer Next. then Enshrined, Hunter, and Treasured. if you make a Mythic Hunter Ring, you could skip Hunter Perk or do it last. for players who want to Ascend their 2nd - 6th Characters, do it in the order that works best for you.

5 million Gold for Perk 1.
10 million Gold for Perk 2
+5 million Gold for each Perk after that.

Perk 1 - 1x experience
Perk 2 - 2x experience
Perk 3 - 3x experience
Perk 4 - 5x experience
Perk 5 - 7x experience
Perk 6 - 10x experience
Last :arrow_up: - 14x experience… because after you get Perk 6, you go to level 1 for the last time. This is why an Ascending Build is important.

I choose Treasured* (+300℅ chance to get Crystal and Eternal) is that good tho? I hope i don’t choose the wrong perks

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Treasured was my first ascension as well. I was so frustrated with the lack of Crystal and Eternal items that it was an easy choice to make. I chose fortune next, then accomplished.
Not sure if this is the “correct” order, but no worries, just ascend again.

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well, if you want Crystal & Eternal Items early in the game, then it’s the right choice. since they have a 1(?) chance to drop, you now have a 4%(?) chance for them to drop. just remember that that chance is for when a Legend drops, and Legend drops are affected by Luck.

just read the Perk descriptions and consider which order you want to get them. players usually get Dealer, Fortunate, and Accomplished as their first 3 because you need lots of Gold to get the Perks and Accomplished helps you get Hero Points for Skills faster. Players who go for Treasured early usually want to use Crystal & Eternal Items on their early builds for more power.

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