POST your current Floor climbing Gear


Guys, just wanted to see what Floor climbing did you all currently use now. Just screenshot it :slight_smile:



with hireling


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#The jokes on you

LOL , I’m flying through those floors like crazy!

In all seriousness, my floor climbing gear is this:

It’s the most powerful floor climber I’ve ever created and possibly the most powerful possible in terms of Discordance with highest possible MH% for high hit frequency Orb+ Reactor. Then I have Crits and Deadly Strike. Then there’s Effective+Weaken 90%+Arcanist+Ascendant and Frozen Explosions!

Most importantly crushing blows! I could theoretically climb infinitely like any great DQ Builds. What’s more: my build could do just as well in pretty much every Elemental Mode and it’s full potential could be reached even easier by better eternal pets and other factors to really reach full power (if Timewarp worked, my orb would reach up to over 10k MH% or somewhere close and if I used haunting set, just as close too).

Another great build that could climb infinitely could be The Green Garden, Cronos Orb Builds like Dama Dama No Mi or Frozen Throne, Griffin’s Manic Macross Missile , Hachimon possibly and any build that deals with high floor enemies very well no matter what and survives very well.

So many possibilities, it’s almost limitless or endless!

The highest possible MH% build more superior than Discordance Chakram Orb goes to this one:

Sure it’s old but it could still possibly be viable for higher floor despite being Discordance MultiShot Arrow where it reachs so much MH% and can reach even more so today. The explosions are continuous and the shock debuffs are a great damage boost as well as the after bleeds, crushing blows and many throwsword. I’m not sure how sustainable for so much floor climbing it would be but it definitely beats me in terms of highest possible MH% if using the 1050% MultiShot arrow as base damage.

In this case, I’m literally flying to endgame like the rockets fly to space!


Ahh ok. my rogue build in floor climbing is Bow type that deal Quadrillion damage. I’ll screenshot it later.


Bow Discordance Type.


Here’s my perfect floor climbing gears dude. Safety first. Pet not included!


Heres mine


Floor climbing gear but on mountains:

Me floor climbing:

Me cleaning the floor of its enemies and climbing.

Pet is included (cat being used to wipe floors).

Phone, game and battery’s sold separately.

Return fee if your phone died of lag on pack size or laggy build:



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