Post your highest DPS/single hit on dummy/player (The first round)


Dummy Cool right :smiling_imp:

Tanky warrior :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

PvP Arena Unbalanced (Over and Over Again)

5-10 rounds in dummy can make milien damage .come to bann sever yo cheat you pet u belong sever bann


Glad to to see someone do not believe.I will release my full build in the next patch.


@Mandelbrot i see that’s what ur using in PvP at this time right?


Yes.That is a ultra burst style build.But easy to beat.


It’s hard for me to beat coz of ur sanctuary
Before the dmg immunity expires im already dead :frowning:


Your ID?
Sure.It is good to anti these middle distance low hp high output builds.


Extrahot ahahhahahah ur charter beat me twice but luckily i manage to win 1 time


I realize how awsome the reactor build is.Attack distance is so important.
@CuzegSpiked @Midlumer


Try shatter offhand ?Jump through these arc !


May the next update rescaled the CV Builds hahahahaha.


Never mind lol.


Another build nc. Combination of cuzeg and jws build . and i hope its not like ur rogue . that i can easily kill without using any skil .:innocent:

Keep it up bro.


Welcome back. I guess we will play Hide and Seek now?


Sorry to say this wizard is very weak.You can kill it without skill too.I just want to try someting different.I feel boring to use well-konwn build,to win with no callenge.I enjioy this ultra thin build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You give me the highest difficulty Hide and Seek.I got some 2:3 on your ai.Very strange thing is your ai do different choice every time,just like someone keeps changing it.Oh I must be sleepy :open_mouth:


That’s good thing though. keeps it fresh for a challenge and it’s fun facing everytime.


Ok i see. Hehe me me me im not changing my build at all coz i dont hav enuf resourse to craft and pet. Im investing for new affix soon . :joy: . and keep changing your ai so i can get more idea bro .thanks :parrotbeer:


That highest DPS 5 million in dummy , you drew many rounds on that dummy right? On the dummy without drawing, highest DPS I could get is 2.15M on rogue.


Strictly speaking, people are more willing to believe what they have. You didn’t believe “18K HP Char can prevent 8M damage” right ?

Make sure you have done everything for damage :smiling_imp: