Post your highest DPS/single hit on dummy/player (The first round)

Dummy Cool right :smiling_imp:

Tanky warrior :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


5-10 rounds in dummy can make milien damage .come to bann sever yo cheat you pet u belong sever bann

Glad to to see someone do not believe.I will release my full build in the next patch.

@Mandelbrot i see that’s what ur using in PvP at this time right?

Yes.That is a ultra burst style build.But easy to beat.

It’s hard for me to beat coz of ur sanctuary
Before the dmg immunity expires im already dead :frowning:

Your ID?
Sure.It is good to anti these middle distance low hp high output builds.

Extrahot ahahhahahah ur charter beat me twice but luckily i manage to win 1 time

I realize how awsome the reactor build is.Attack distance is so important.
@CuzegSpiked @Midlumer


Try shatter offhand ?Jump through these arc !

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May the next update rescaled the CV Builds hahahahaha.

Never mind lol.

Another build nc. Combination of cuzeg and jws build . and i hope its not like ur rogue . that i can easily kill without using any skil .:innocent:

Keep it up bro.


Welcome back. I guess we will play Hide and Seek now?

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Sorry to say this wizard is very weak.You can kill it without skill too.I just want to try someting different.I feel boring to use well-konwn build,to win with no callenge.I enjioy this ultra thin build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You give me the highest difficulty Hide and Seek.I got some 2:3 on your ai.Very strange thing is your ai do different choice every time,just like someone keeps changing it.Oh I must be sleepy :open_mouth:

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That’s good thing though. keeps it fresh for a challenge and it’s fun facing everytime.

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Ok i see. Hehe me me me im not changing my build at all coz i dont hav enuf resourse to craft and pet. Im investing for new affix soon . :joy: . and keep changing your ai so i can get more idea bro .thanks :parrotbeer:

That highest DPS 5 million in dummy , you drew many rounds on that dummy right? On the dummy without drawing, highest DPS I could get is 2.15M on rogue.

Strictly speaking, people are more willing to believe what they have. You didn’t believe “18K HP Char can prevent 8M damage” right ?

Make sure you have done everything for damage :smiling_imp:

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