Post your highest DPS/single hit on dummy/player (The first round)


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Why is it that rogue orb and wizard orb has different CD while using discordance?


Blast has 0 sec CD and Orb 1.5 APS. Discordance gives 0.5 sec minimum CD, so you get

  • 1/1.5APS = 0.667 sec attack time with Gauntlet (since this is larger than 0.5 sec CD - before Hunger/ASpd).

Boomerang has 2 sec CD. So

  • Discordance gives 2 sec attack time with Chakram (before Hunger/RCD).

Everything you know you’ll find in Clogon’s post up there ;).


Discordance only swaps CD not APS. Orb will always have a 1.5 APS unless you use an APS boosting effect (ASpd affix) or Weapon (Wand).


Good response, I remember Imma bit confused about it (not the CD’s part) Does the skill points attributes also got swapped from Primary to Specials vice versa or the Weapon Damage and actual damage of the skills only? not the skill levels? (for example; I spend 20 for Twister, and 10 for Blast) does the attribute damage of +20 Twister now goes to Blast or nah?



The only thing that does happen with discordance is that primary skill get secondary CD and special get primary CD with minimum of 0.5 seconds from discordance.

Of course the MH% values switch. 150% blast and 200% orb gets swapped to 200% MH blast and 150% MH orb. Weapon damage will stay the same.

However now Multi Attack and Extra Attack work on Special Skill because the special skill is treated like a primary in terms of CD and damage.

The hero points do not get switched over and the specific damage to the skill.

That means 20 orb will still add ×2 (+100%) damage to orb regardless of whether it’s swapped or not in MH%. That’s also why I couldn’t do the 20 chakram hero point and get it to orb because that would have been OP.

For buccaneer set, it will still add damage to Scattershot skill even if the CD and MH% of primary skill gets swapped to Scattershot and same with the hero points.

This applies with bonuses too :slight_smile: . Hope this explains everything.

Lastly, Skilled Mythic will not work on Special skill on discordance but will still work on Primary Skill as always.

Yeah discordance is as simple as the description allows it to be.


Now, that’s a very clear statement. Thanks a lot @CuzegSpiked !


Gotta remember the day of getting 2.15M DMG from dummy in 1st round and even higher back when my Will of the Force was in its true Prime using deadly strikes , Living Force, Crits, etc.

Btw it normally takes me 12 rounds to defeat Immortal Build and I found that I dealt easily 200k DMG per 0.1 second normally due to the hit frequency of the orb and total DMG shown up said something like 3M, 5M, etc and that wasn’t even my full crit + deadly strike build . If it was, I’d have predicted values such as 12M, 5M or so. Ridiculous 1M deadly strikes or more lmao , 500k to 1M Crits , 2M deadly. That’s the damage I could get on the Dummy.

I do know that Mandelbrot used my Rogue Orb Build for his post on this thread so he probably already has an idea of what it looks like on DMG at 12 rounds.


sir… I used your will of the force build but not all copy but I cant use skulldraga because my MP is not enough …


Oh ok. Have you tried my last post in that thread? Not first post. I should probably make a new thread just to clarify the updated version as a different build from the 2.5 edition. Even though the 2.5 edition can still go strong when you tweak some stuffs.

I out the permafrost bonus for this reason but you should at least add 1× 1540 MP on pet or affix slot to be able to cast the skills.