Prismatic Maelstrom

I have come up with another idea that I think sounds like a ton of fun.

Vacuus Scipio of Evasion (Ambered with Storm)
• Arc
• Maelstrom
• Attack Speed%
• WD 100%
• ECD%
• WD +5000
Insolence of Evasion (Ambered with Shatter)
• Vanish
• Ascendent
• Coat Proc%
• ED%
• ECD%
• DMG to Elites%
Disaster Carapace of Evasion
• Brutal
• Mayhem
• Crit DMG
• Ignore Resists
• ECD%
• Meteor Proc%
Apex of Epiphany of Evasion
• Bloodmagic
• Epiphany
• Dodge
• ED%
• Coat Proc%
• Twister Proc%
Cognition of Haste
• Cerebral Vortex
• Crushing Blow
• Push the Limit
• ED%
• All Sets +2
• Earthshatter Proc%
Nadroji’s Crystal of Haste
• Sanctuary
• Nadroji (I am thinking about changing this over to Aftermath, since it has built in proc spells, I would do this but i am not sure that it will combine with Mayhem)
• Deadly Strike%
• ECD%
• Throw Sword Proc%
• Set Numbers +2
• Pathfinder
• Attack Speed 15%
• Random
• Random
• Random
• Random

Ok, so the point of this build is to make a ton of pretty colors flash on the screen at high speeds while doing a lot of dmg.

Mythics Used: Sanctuary, Bloodmagic, Vanish and Unity are there for defenses. Arc and Brutal are there for DMG. Arc is there for thematic purposes as well.
Sets Used: Maelstrom and Mayhem are the core of this build. The whole point of the build is to proc a ton of spells all at the same time. Epiphany is there to try and add 70% increase in total DMG after getting to 70% Attack Speed. Ascendent is there to get to 100% Prismatic as well as to add more Resists. Nadroji is there because I like it, so feel free to switch this one out for another one if you want more dmg. Pathfinder is to increase DMG and DMG Reduction.
Crystal Affixes Used: Attack Speed is for Epiphany. Crit DMG is just for the raw DMG of course. Dodge I have been told is essential to survival at high floors. It is also to increase DMG through Pathfinder. Crushing Blow is another affix that I was told is essential at higher floors in order to clear them as fast as possible.
Legend Affixes Used: All of these are used for straight up DMG. It seems that the best procs to use would be Meteor, Twister, Earthshatter and Throwsword. Each of these skills have the highest Mainhand DMG that can be done
Legends Used and Where to Find them:

  • Vacuus Scipio: Drops from Epic+ Enemies on Floor 100+
  • Insolence: Drops from Epic+ Enemies on Floor 200+
  • Disaster Carapace: Drops on Floor 750+
  • Apex of Epiphany: Drops on Floor 600+ while on Epic+ difficulty
  • Nadroji’s Crystal: Drops from Epic+ Enemies on Floor 100+
  • Cognition: Drops on Floor 400+ while on Mythic 3

Help making this better dudes. This is for floor climbing.

Edit: I tried this buildish in PvP and there was a problem winning due to the very short range of the Gautlent. Therefore, I am changing the Gauntlet to the Staff for Comet’s greater range. Also I found that it is possible for Proc spells to proc other Proc spells, such as the one from Aftermath on Meteor, still not sure if the two proc spells attached to Aftermath will increase the DMG of my other Proc spells through Mayhem.

Nothing more to just try :slight_smile: but - i personally don’t like the unity mythic. It is good on paper but it brings up resists to the same level AFTER every all resist% buff (cerebral vortex for example). It will get you 400 all resists max without affixes with single resist and with cerebral vortex simple epic 250 all resist affix ( 250 + 125% = 562.5) will do better than mythic unity.
Crystal attack speed is 45% max so you will still need 25% more.

Looks like fun to play with ^^ hey, dont forget to add 5000+ weapon dmg on your MH

According to the Wiki, the cap for the Attack Speed Affix is 50% and Epiphany makes it 75% right?

Is that really that important over having more ED%?

Attack speed cap is 60% and with epiphany x5 it is 75%.

ohhhhh, so it doesn’t affect the affixes just the highest cap?

Yes, only the cap.

ok thx

Can Atk Speed Epic Affix be on pets?

pls show images.wanna see it

First, i dont’ actually have it complete, this is just a theory right now. Second, I actually do not know how to show images.


Hmmm, I just noticed that I dont’ have Deadly Strike %. Will that make Brutal worthless?

Edit: I decided to Add Deadly Strike anyways, still would like the answer though.

If you don’t have any Deadly strike at all, brutal is useless, becouse it buffs deadly strike damage. Just get 1 affix for that.

Other option is (if you plan playing rogue) get Deadeye talent for 20% deadly strike and add a mythstone or epic affix for 10% more. 30% deadly strike in PVE is good enough

The new information brings up an interesting question. When does Prismatic take affect? Will the ED% that I have on my build work?

Just answered my own question. As it turns out, I think that the skullshield just can’t crit at all. My current element is Arcane and I caused a Toxic Pool to spawn with my gauntlet

Another question, is there anyway for a Wizard to increase the Heroic Rank of Warrior Skills outside of useing +all Skills?

is epiphany working with +sets? i think i already made a post regarding this. is this fixed with the patch, if there is a new patch. i tried epiphany(5) with aspd and i only got 62.5 aspd instead of +25%(supposedly making it 75aspd