[Punch Me Till You Die Build] [PVP] [top 10 eternal div 1]


I’m glad you think so :smile: I saw you using a fire version earlier and that your now using a shock one :wink: (shock build 4 life and still holding strong)


Yeah i was hoping that fire will do dps but i notice its not good as my archer that can hit 50k fire dmg

I added affix on mh (elite dmg) and some changes im still upgrading the build and hoping to make it more stronger

Big credits to ur build +1 :))


Also i know its rude to ask for the AI setting

Everytime i online im always on top 20-30


Sounds good :grin: I hope you figure out the secrets I did when making this build cause it can def go top 3 :wink: (I just don’t find the modifications I would be making too be fun so I’m sticking too top 10 instead of try Harding it and removing the fun from pvp)


What does my AI even do right now?


I didnt encounter ur AI yet… Or i did, yeah cant remember all i remember the war that has ironman in name


Fair enough shrug think of literally the trolliest AI you could think of and that’s how it’s set


Awesome build I see you have built. Maybe I might make an arena build that uses fire/shock + bleed as a new concept instead of plain fire and bleed. Hopefully I could master it and deal much more dmg. First I will test it in campaign then arena.

Shock is pretty good in arena right now but it needs something like a buff maybe. So far I never seen a build where it used both fire/shock with bleed at once. Not sure what style I would do it but its worth a try.

It might sound op but it probably take more slots or skill to master then see in meta.
Ofc wizard is what I will do it as because amplify and other cool talents as well as other affixes.

Also there was this idea @cronos4321 mentioned where bleed chance is equal to deadly strike chance and adds to deadly strike chance. Its more powerful than fire bleed option but it encourage them to choose options. The bleed chance deadly strike option is more powerful but it take more slots. This is to discourage players using coat all the time and try different options.

That feature suggestion by @cronos4321 sounds good.

Secondly ,he mentioned how bleed should deal 500% dmg over 10 seconds (50% dot dmg per second) instead of 1000% over 10 seconds as a suggestion to balance bleed dmg so players can survive the bleed a little longer and have better chance to counter attack. Both those suggestion sound really good.

Another idea he had was: instead of 80% dot in 2 seconds of fire dot, make it deal 25% dmg per second (100% over 5 seconds dot). It isn’t really a nerf but dmg isnt as big before and would help player maintain hp and provide counter attack.

Bleed and Fire Damage... Really DQ?

My man.


Hehehe yup :stuck_out_tongue: gotta stick too all dem trolls


Yup I was thinking about the same thing Cuzeg :smile: I just ended up not really liking fire so I stayed away from it just remember too be wary since fires probably gonna be pretty useless in arena next patch :wink:


Thanks for your reply :smile:
Still gonna end up making a campaign shock and fire bleed build at some point.


Hell yeah I wanna see that it’s such a powerfu and fun combo :grin:


Ima try and deal 3B+ dmg per 0.5 seconds if I can make build that powerful. Cronos said that it is extremely possible.

Once I figure out how I could do it and the plan for it, it will be fun ride.


Hell yeah that should definitely be possible with fire shock can’t wait too see it Cuzeg! :blush:


Thanks! :blush:
Bleed fire and shock is deadly combo. It will get players to make effective fire and shock bleeed builds like me and even better once I finish.


Hell yeah can’t wait :relaxed:


why i cant see u guys on eternal league in pvp?


You will need too be in eternal division 1 too see us :relaxed: if you are there then what is the person currently in the top spot on your leaderboards?


im in division 6 so thats mean im still not good enough :disappointed_relieved: