[Punch Me Till You Die Build] [PVP] [top 10 eternal div 1]

(photo of leaderboards is a couple of days old too show that this build can go above 3000 rating with out me playing)

Heyo humans of unidentifiable genders this is my pure defence based arena build so that any of you just starting out on arena can have some idea of what works if you aren’t looking too go pure offense :grin:

The goals of this build was too come up with a fairly competitive build that would be fun too use made around getting hit that would be able too keep itself in eternal devision 1 indefinitely with out the need for me too play arena so that I could always check up on the current arena meta when I wanted too :grin: and after much testing this is the final product of that effort so on too why I am using the affixes that I am

Set affixes
Cerbral vortex: this is the bread and butter of this build it single handedly makes it so that if you want too do pure defence build that uses your enemy attacking you against them it’s what makes that a viable strategy and it is an extremely fun and affix when it’s all you are using and I love it for it. It makes it so that when you get hit it has a 5% chance per rank too spawn a torrent on your enemy.
Epiphany: this affix is here because the natural cap of reduced resource cost is 24% in arena you require 25% reduced resource cost too activate the vortex bonus and epiphany allows you too reach this (there is currently atleast what I assume is a bug that allows you too activate the vortex bonus with out epiphany)
Deadly arts: it makes it so that as much deadly strike% chance as you have will also be converted into the same % damage reduction and for a pure defence build you should be grabbing damage reduction wherever you can :wink:
Defiant: more damage mitigation with a bonus too damage on top sign me up
Plagued: a massive boost too armour and HP hell yes let’s boost that survivability higher
Battle mage: a boost too HP and armour /and/ movement skills hell yes you gotta have this
Vampiric touch: again more HP and more HP means more survivability so hell yes

Now the mythic affixes
Equivalence: more damage reduction again!?!?! Of course we gotta grad dat shizzle
Harmony: I’m iffy on this one I’m gonna test with out it later but it’s on there too keep your mp topped off so you can always have that super high rank of damage mitigation from equivalence
Brutal: I mean we already have deadly strikes for the damage reduction so we might as well double their damage right?
Sanctuary: the bane of everyone’s existence in arena this just ads even more survivability

Conditional affixes
Vortex bonus: we’re focusing entirely on activating those vortexes no normally attacks for us so of course a 150% damage boost too them is just the tastiest little bonus we can get }:3c

Crystal affixes
45% reduced resource costs: well duh silly you need it too activate that sexy vortex bonus
7500 armour: more damage reduction so hell yes give me some of that
2x deadly strike chance: 16% damage reduction that can also be used too get some pretty rediculous single hit damages sometimes hell yes
1000 hp on hit: well I mean you gotta keep your HP topped off keep that equivalence damage reduction at it’s peak effectiveness
225% crit damage: I mean might as well we already have those deadly strikes in there so let’s make em strong when they happen

2x 1% HP steal: trust me it boosts your survivability significantly they are absolutely worth it I tested this very thoroughly
2x +2 all sets: it makes all of your set affixes stronger and that’s where we start multiplying our survivability massivly

Legend affixes
5x 100% elemental damage%: I mean I said fairly competitive up at the too you aren’t gonna do well with /ONLY/ defence and no damage so here’s where we make our damage decent
50% push the limit: this is simply stronger then the 50% damage mythstone and that’s it really
1.25 (displays as 1.2) aoe range: torrents natural aoe is definitely lacking so buffing this keeps you stealing hp

Epic affixes:
3x 10000hp: more survivability
50% weapon damage: this is too buff your torrents damage again
5000+ weapon damage: again with that torrent damage buffing
2x crit chance: you need too be able too crit too make use of those deadly strike you know

Amplify: a boost too damage I mean there’s not really anything better so why not
Magnify: that good old aoe range again gotta keep getting those heals in
Sorcery: I mean again not much better so might as well take the damage buff
Fester: thunder stacks a 12.5% damage buff on hit on your enemy so making that buff too your damage buff last as long as possible is advantagous too you

6x of wisdom: each one of these gives us 2.5% reduced resource costs allowing us too get over that 25% requirement for the vortex bonus too activate

Any questions as too why I did what I did I will answer them down in the comments :grin:

And laslty if you found this build guide helpful make sure too leave it a like :smile: :sunglasses:

OK everybody here’s the couple hours awaited gameplay video y’all are chomping at the bit for :smile: https://youtu.be/VwSrHRXB2Hk


Interesting. Viable. R8 8/8 m8. :sunglasses:

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Hehehe thanks skaul glad too here you think so :grin: :sunglasses:

Interesting about this is the max roll of all affix :slight_smile: how did you do that?.


With Max luck and item quality a vaste majority of the affix rolls you get are perfect ones and you can use that too force perfect rolled gear if your willing too spend more resources :smile: I’m gonna do a Griffin’s smithery post about crafting gear in a bit and I’ll go over all of the mechanics for every affix and exactly how too craft your perfect affixed gear there :grin:


prolly hax tho, rite? I wanna build it. I’m a fan of lazy builds. Lol.


Ikr I am complete haxxor extremus :sunglasses: (not actually everybody that was a joke just too be absolutely 100% sure everybody knows that)


Hell yeah It’s be awesome too see you using it skaul :smile: make sure too let me know if you do build it :sunglasses:

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Can you post arena gameplay video? And yeah, nice build, I’m glad people finally making something else than fire dot builds


Hey Griffin i think u need to change some of your AI setup, I encounter your build yesterday when I’m grinding arena exp for the demon aura, it just charge and whirlwind on me, all i do is bash till it die. as i remember it have low hp too. around 50k or something i guess. I think u need to add more HP too. It cant cover the damage u recieve while waiting your vortex/torrent kill your enemy.

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on your screenshot the vortex bonus is highlighted gray. this means that it does not work. Is this true?

Yeah I’m working on the AI :smile: but the hp is actually extremely effective at it’s current level trust me I did actually do a version of the build with drastically more HP and it was way squishier then this one :smile:

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No it is simply because I do not have the gear equipped cause I was using my farm build at the time of the screenshot :smile:

I realized this already after wrote))

Hehehe fair enough :smile:

Yes I will be :smile: and yeah I agree hehehe fire is a… “Little” out of control right now

Nice build man. I fought this wiz and it was a fun fight = ). The damage reduction is there and decent damage .
If there’s one thing I can change to improve the build it would be:
50% armor or 50% perseverance instead AoE range

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Can you post a game play in PvP please thank you sir…

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Thanks fookee I’m really glad too see you think so :smile: and yeah I will probably switch too perseverance whenever it gets buffed :grin:

Cant make to top 10, still its a big help :slight_smile: