[Punch Me Till You Die Build] [PVP] [top 10 eternal div 1]


Aaaah that’s OK yo reaching eternal any devision is super difficult so congrats :grin:


How would overload work on this build? I’m thinking of dumping one of the affixes for it. Just not sure which one


unfortunately not amazingly :confused: it was pretty decent in previous versions of BA when blind immune was pretty difficult too obtain but now not so much as the entire set affix is nullified by a common one that can be applied with ruby and doesn’t even need too be rolled well however Identity is a pretty solid choice as it is simply a pretty massive damage buff too your torrents and I would suggest switching epiphany out for it since it is not currently required as far as I know (tablets in the shop so I can’t check on current patch) :smile:


I’m glad I asked. It’s a shame though it seems like it would have a perfect fit for what you’ve created. Thanks for the heads up. Great build btw guess this wasn’t as good as I though lol.


Yeah it really is but what are you gonna do the arena meta shall be ever changing :grin: and thanks I’m really glad too here it :green_heart: another heads up though as of the 2.2 patch the build does get hit with a pretty serious nerf so it is no where near it’s original glory but that is not too say it becomes weak it will still kick butt and stay top 100 just not as much butt :wink: :+1: :smile:

Nah Stitch is great all you need too do is switch out lilith for them and put vampiric on the build :smile:


Yeah the added dmg from darkness wasn’t high enough to try a blind build. And as you said a ruby kills it. Guess I’ll read up on the patch notes for 2.2 and go from there


I wish ya luck :smile: :+1:


One more question. Will barbarian, push the limits, and glass cannon buff the torrent, and does increased procs help to spawn the torrent? If it does it’s not like you need any mana for this build. Survivability will sure suffer with glass cannon and barbarian. But push the limits seems viable if it does. Guess it won’t hurt to test. Sorry to bother , and again thanks for the insight


Yes barbarian, push the limits, and glass canon absolutely will :smile: you should stick too push the limits though since it is the only one of the 3 that doesn’t change maximums and equality (which effectively doubles your healing while retaining the same survivability as blood magic would get you) gives a stronger effect while MP and HP are closer too equal :grin: :+1: and as for procs of torrent yes the will spawn more torrents but they won’t be on the enemy which is the super powerful part of cerebral vortex :wink:
and finally no problem I’m always happy too help anybody out :grin:


Great info:) but on the procs question I was referring to the myth stone that increases all proc rates by 10%. Didn’t know if the vortex torrent was a proc or not.


AAAAAH ok fair enough that’s a pretty common one the answer is no it only affects skills with the word proc in their name :smile: :+1:


Sorry I’m still new to the forums. I looked on the codex but all that jargon gives me a headache after a while. Thanks again for all your time.


No problem and don’t worry about :+1: we all gotta start somewhere and it takes a long time too finally understand all that jargon that’s why I’m working on creating the Griffin’s Smithery topics the goal of them is too make all that jargon a little more understandable long term :wink: (they’re all still definitely a WIP though)


Big props for that. I love all the mechanics in this game. POE was a flop IMO because of the lack of breakdown and new user support(among a lot of other things) . I’ll be sure to direct anyone else having trouble understanding to your post.


Yeeeee this games mechanics are pretty dang awesome always new things too mess with :grin:


hi mr griffin . i just want to know . hows your hp ? and what floor do u reached ? and why you dont chose the dodge ? you chose the hp and armor . in high floors . your hp and armor are useless ? and about pvp . how many seconds it takes to defeat you ? - im sorry for my interview haha! peace :smiley:


It’s a PVP build, bud, because PVP is all that matters.


PvP you will most likely either die against this build or become so frustrated that you forfeit


@Dumbledore Haha sorry I must have missed getting around too this one amongst all the other posts sorry for the late response :smile: I end up with about 350000 HP~ in PvE and it can handle mythic 3 750+ But the build is mainly a PvP one which is the reason for the lack of dodge/block because my when I get hit effects aren’t triggered by those :+1:
@acydsyns Yup exactly but mostly the goal is my opponents death :wink:


@Griffin012 thanks bro