[Punch Me Till You Die Build] [PVP] [top 10 eternal div 1]


@Griffin012 Hey bro :smiley: Nice guide by the way. I was just wondering how you got the +100% Shock Dmg affix?


There are specific legendary’s that can have 100% elemental damage the name and element buffed simply change depending on the element the gear currently is enchanted as so I just used them and changed them too shock :smile: :+1:


Ahhhh si it’s basically impossible to roll it using a Ruby? :smile:


Yes it can only be obtained from drops currently otherwise balance would get out of hand really quickly :wink: :smile:


I see I see. Thanks a lot! Hahahaha If I may ask, how many pieces of each item did you use until you get the affixes that you wanted? Since if you get a bad crystal roll you wouldn’t be able to use kyanite on it. D:


4 is the average too get the right crystal affix it takes many more if you want them all to be perfect though :smile:


I see. Thanks! I need to farm a lot --,


EHEHEHE yup :smile: I wish you luck with it may rngesus be kind to you


Good Build nice concept i like it


Grif I noticed you didn’t use Reflect Dmg affix, is there a specific reason why? Does it work in PvP?


Becouse it deals very very little damage.


100% shock dmg in pvp ??
Over than
5000 shock dmg??

Can replace it ?


Yes this as a very old build make whatever modifications you wish :smile:


I know :blush: can i try this to warrior class ?? Not totaly full build but the defence tactic with counter attack :blush: is all i want


I encounter your AI and also i successfully copied this build ,HAHA its fun, from Legendary League, to Eternal league. Thanks and credits to you.

It was a fun fight, two wizards waiting for their torrent to cast Hahaha, all i did was run, the score is 3-2 favorable to you HAHAHA. can i modify this build ? To add more HP


Can I tinker on this build?


hi guys xD
3 0 0 viable ? season 4


@PaNgaHazZz might know. He was tinkering recently.


Not necessarily. You need to tinker around with it to make it viable but I do know how.


I’m still not done yet.