(PVE) Most funny WIZARD 3.0 One-Punch build (with a question)


@TeaCup I know, I know… I tried without the mythstone of course!

What’s your final items bro?

But does it trigger the "bad affix"or not?

@Kaiserrobert I just switched the head slot with the Mayhem item, for the rest the build is perfectly fine (there is a +75% luck on the shield slot that could be changed but I don’t really need another affix at the moment and it’s useful when I switch back to the farming crown).

If I get some luck I should possibly make in the future the same item with attack speed blue affix instead of the mythstone, thus up to +45% instead of +15%, but it’s ok like this for now.


the tough thing about RNG is sometimes you don’t get the affix you want until you spend lots of Crystals. I think the most Obsidian I spent for one affix was 5-6. yes, I cried a lot at the lost Obsidian’s, but I save a few items that have an affix that I might use in some other Build. at the least, I can convert them to a Crystal or a bunch of Dust.

Attack Speed for Teleport isn’t needed unless your Cool Down is faster than the Orb OH APS… checking my DQ App…
checking my DQ App…
checking my DQ App…
it looks like Orb has APS 2 and Teleport has a 1 second Cool Down. +60% CD is Teleport every 0.4 seconds, but the APS is an attack every 0.5 seconds. if the +15% Attack Speed increases APS to at least 2.2, then you can get 5 Teleports every 2 seconds instead of 4. at least this is my understanding of how Attack Speed & Cool Down work together for Spells with fast CD’s.

here is an in depth look at how CD & Attack Speed work together when needed.


@Golem so the attack speed does also reduce the time needed to cast special skills, which most times (with 75% clearcast) have no CD?

Got it!
71.7% total attack speed now and the epic ones vanish in few seconds!
(Maybe at some point I’ll decide to waste 200+ diamonds and slightly raise the percentages, with perfect numbers I might have 75%)

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for Crystal affixes, you can use Obsidian to max it out. but you need to take another affix or myth stone (including the Socket) off for it to work. then you can put it back.

for your Chaos Visage of Haste, you could…

use Diamonds to randomly roll both Crystal Attack Speed and Meteor Proc at the same time until both are max values. this is the hardest and most expensive way to go, unless your are really lucky and RNG thinks you are a Cool Player :sunglasses: .

use Diamonds to max Meteor Proc and then use Obsidian to max Attack Speed. this is the easiest way.

use Diamonds and/or Obsidian to max Attack Speed, then use Ruby until you have a max Meteor Proc. this one can get expensive in Crystals if you get a lot of bad rolls, but usually still lots cheaper then using only Diamonds to get both randomly maxed together.

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Well, I guess if Attack Speed gets maxed out with diamonds before Meteor Proc I’ll happily stick with an unmaxed proc for a big while, but yeah that’s the way to go.

Also one should have a decent amount of Obsidians to do the trick, though… I have only 1 black stone left right now after all the trials for the first affix…

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there are a lot posts from players spending thousands of Diamonds to get multiple Legend & Crystals affixes on one Item maxed out. I have done the same. I am so happy about Obsidian able to improve Crystal affix values now, makes Crafting a little easier, when I have spare Obsidians…

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Another thing I could do is trying to get again the proc with Rubies after Kyanit-ing out the affix… there’s a good chance when doing that that the affix is already maxed out.

And in any case, one should never try maxing out more than 2 affixes with only diamonds.

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Always max out the level and quality of any item before adding affixes


Maxing out is cheap with crystals. If you don’t max out you will cry a lot when you waste precious gems :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Same here! It is hard to max them both out using a diamond, and my technique is I max my items to it’s quality by 25% and inserting an Obsidian on it. If that cyan affix in on max while my legend affix is not, I remove it by using Kyanite and reroll it again by spending rubies. But I’ve observed that in some rare legend items like an Eternal Flintlock, and the Cognition (Wizard items) you can max it’s elemental DMG but you can’t max the cyan affix like this: :joy:

After maxing out Dodge in the amulet I switched its nature to “Haste” (I should max out Specialist too but I don’t have enough crystals and time to do that effectively) and now the total attack speed is 74.2%. The remaining 0.8% will wait a bit until I have enough crystals and time to max out the head slot as well.

Does anyone have a better suggestion than Meteor Proc (that is the only affix which is not mandatory for the build) for the last affix in the head item?

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it all depends on whether you want a different Proc or some other affix that improves your Build in some way.

you would have to consider which is better, a different Proc for better DPS or an affix that improves defense or offense in some way that keeps you from dying too much or increases damage/DPS.

@Golem Considering the fact that the build is practically glasscannon and deals close to zero damage (something around 10k-100k compared to the billions HP of the mobs) without CB, defense/offense affixes (except the ones that are already maxed out) are quite useless at the level I use the build. The only defense still improvable is block chance (45% from the shield).

I think I’ll try and get Storm Proc instead… seems more effective than meteors together with CB/CF

There it is, already maxed out in less time than I thought: 20 rubies, around 20 diamonds, one garnet and zircon (and kyanite) plus a couple Obsidians for the maximum blue affix.