(PVE) Most funny WIZARD 3.0 One-Punch build (with a question)


Oh, never thought crushing blow would work together with frozen this way, very smart.


Yes, it increases the damage but still doesn’t one-shot over magic. I see that with CF6 I deal 50% of rare enemy’s hp, doesn’t seem worth to raise more this value. Probably I should go FROZEN to kill faster also those enemies, but still I would have to give up too much for that. Math says that with my build I reduce HP of rare enemies by one millionth with exactly 30 hits, which are not so difficult to proc in a few seconds counting all DOTs too.


Stealth is not a wizard skill… is it worth relying on the proc? :confused:


Use amber crystal on your offhand. Proc not so much worth it due to internal CD. Also stealth usually not worth it in Wizard but if you add +5 All skills , you can get 10 hero points into stealth to last you a few extra seconds. If you’re lucky, getting another 10 stealth from pet along with 2x +5 All skills for 20 stealth hero points. That stealth would last a far while in order to 100% dodge.

Although you need initially 50% dodge before you go into stealth for 100% dodge because 50%x2= 100%.

Permanent stealth is a bit costly but it’s doable. Reduced CD at max or at 75% (75% with Epiphany) or using the Hunger Set to reduce CD and Increase APS for all skills by 37.5% when you have enough mana.

Before stealth used to be good for all classes also and I remember before it had nerfed so you needed 50% dodge on gear for 100% dodge stealth and that reason was to reduce stealth in arena.

Stealth proc is ok but it can overlap with your main stealth skill and you need high enough reduced CD to increase the proc chance. 10% may be ok though but you still need to attack alot to increase chances. Vanish is also 10% stealth and that mythic also gets affected by hero points with the effect on blinding enemies in close proximity.


What floor you on. That seems like a really high floor.

Also that high damage with crushing flames and frozen lol. I know I can make frozen go that high in DMG though but i’m just amazed at the damage numbers. Well maybe I could make frozen go that high.


With crushing blow+ frozen high floor…high dmg. 1-2 hit…kill enemies. Sr, my bad english




Oh, ok, it’s an off-hand ability, but then I would have to give up my shatter ability which is key in my build; similar thing for vanish, I would give up the Enigma proc for that. With 75% clearcast I don’t need cooldown reduction, I just would go out of combat when ability is on cooldown.

I think it’s ok then with just my 19.9% proc chance that I have now (you can already see the affixes in the pictures above) plus base 75% dodge and, of course, 45% block (making it around 86% chance to evade all attacks when Stealth is not on.


You can see in the map at the beginning of the video. I almost reached floor 1300.


4evertin. You have put a hidden gem here nice… :+1:


ouch!! my head hurts with so many formulas :astonished: