PvE Trex Warrior Build w/ Wizard Hireling


I looked top topics about 3.0 builds on forum and obviously none of them came in enough to me so I made one.I hope everyone like it.

Warrior Main:

Of course set element is poison.

Talent tree:

20 Pts Strength
20 Pts Dexterity
20 Pts Fortune
20 Pts Sprit
20 Pts Whirlwind/KC



If you need resist u can instead blessed.It will be perfect with protection nature items.
I left the preference to you for make natures and use stat pts.

Wizard Hirling:

Talent Tree:

20 Pts Fortune
20 Pts Int
20 Pts Dex
10 Pts Command
10 Pts Twister
10 Pts Skullshield



I left the preference to you for give stat pts.

I’m sorry for little faults.
Crystal=> means Crystal affix.
U will reach max caps and max stats(or almost max) stats with double fortunate perks.

Thanks for resource to @dickwad and @cronos4321

Tnx for read.


the Nadroji Bonus on your Wizard wont activate unless you have 2 Nadriji Set affixes on separate items. the + sets wont activate the bonus. I found that out the hard way. unless you need something on the item and don’t mind the unused Bonus slot.


Oh okay then let’s change eternalized bonus with another Nadroji and it be perfect tnx for fix it :blush:


well, you will probably want to get a Nadroji Ring or Necklace, as the Nadroji Robe has a Bonus also, but the Bonus’ don’t stack, only one works. I see that you have the Exposed Mythic on your Robe, but the Nadroji Robe has an Elemental Damage 100% on it, so before you do a lot of reworking of your items, take a look around at your options so you can keep the build as close to what you want as possible. unfortunately, you will be sacrificing either Satyr’s Spirit or Spiritmancer to get the second Nadroji. it looks like you are doing a Summoner Farm type of build, so you might have to drop the Satyr’s Spirit set.
and Crystal Block on your Robe can only be from using Jasper on those Warrior chest items that have Block on it. Crystal Block can only be rolled on an OH weapon, so all of the other Crystal affixes can be rolled on the other items. also, I just noticed on your main character pet, it has Block, but I don’t think Block can be rolled on a Pet. at least I haven’t seen Block on any Pets I have crafted. do a search on Block, and see what you can find. that’s how I learned a lot about Block.


Y I can change any accs with Nadroji and make same build without satyr’s sprit.I didn’t try it in action so a few things can change :blush:


my early attempts at writing out a build were funny and frustrating. finding out I had to change my build because I couldn’t roll a certain Legend affix, or had to find an item with the affix I wanted, I think my hair wanted to fall out.


:sweat_smile: I reached 91th lvl and bored farming with random items and didn’t like builds on here.I wasn’t want waste my sources [i did it a year ago and deleted game (but u know I came back ^^)] so I investigated and made this :blush:


haha, me too. a lot of builds require a basic farm build to get the loot needed to make a lot of the builds that are posted in the Forums. I think for any one, the Basic Farm Build is just something that can kill monsters and survive, but has Luck and Gold Find as high as possible, up to cap, and maybe the Fortune Skill anywhere between 20-40 to help out, and the Fortunate Perk to make farming even better. that will help to get the things needed to make the Big League Farm Builds that are posted. :laughing:


I like your use of apocalypse. All my characters use it . It can turn into a little army


Yes it increases Summon Minion OH% DMG.


Very good in fabled eternal weapons is apocalypse :slight_smile: The summons give more damage if weapon damage is an affix


Apocalyse is great fun. I toyed with it when you could summon unlimited furies but even now its quite cool. I seen them amuzing screenshots of a map filled with apocalypse furies or the ghost/zombie glitch on them.


Unlimited furies lol ! Like that idea alot


I was trying to get unlimited furies with my stupidmancer build but 3 is the normal so I abandoned it


I also experiment with summon oriented wizard with staff and tome, apocalypse, synergy, and summoner mythic. My legend is almost fill with summon affixes and I also have summon related sets. But I change it when I reach 1000+ floor since they dont last longer


Dat graph paper


I played a rogue with apocalypse mythic in1v1 league and got six furies. Never done it before in 1v1 without a wizard. It’s very rare.


Nice, you did on other class too. Also the unlimited furies thing was like an exploit but then I couldn’t do it anymore. 3 is the limit but like you did, you can do 6.


Now spiritmancer set affix at 5 gets you an extra 2 allows you an extra 2 spirits. At 7 it becomes 3. However there’s no winning formula for furies so I’m testing epiphany with 2 master mythstones.


All hp/MP regen and critical and elemental attacks from main get passed on reduced to minions. In 2V2 when one character dies then the minions fight for the remaining player . So you get an army. However , in 1v1, you can get an army of furies but it is totally random… Question… What does the fury mythic actually do?