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Hi Good day lately ive been experiment some pvp build for my wiz. And i can say pvp now is more fun due to some changes. Yesterday ive made it to top2-3 codename (SJJDKK = roykiyoy-ph)

Ive made this post in hope that we fellow pvpers could discuss here are diff ideas/opinion regarding nee pvp meta which could indeed give info to a lot of aspiring pvp players.

Base on my experience cerebral vortex is still crazy good in arena 3.0. Still auto atk builds reliant are far inferior against this affix.

Still tank build warriors are dominating the arena. As for rogues dey are still good and able to dish out burst dmg. (Though the cosmic orb proc spamming from using chakram has been nerf. Chance proc was lessen by a lot) well for wiz dey are stil viable to be top1 but u need put a bit more effort if ur plannin to use wiz in arena.

Alot of people using earthquake mythic lately its really good specially due to stun effect and dps.(but i stil love cosmic orb)

Still lightning element is best to use for pvp.(anyone can argue about this each person has der own opinion)

3.0 is better since now we should be able to use our mind to create new concept and ideas for the current pvp meta instead of relying on 1-2paths alone to win.

Overall all (this is just on my oppinion ) warriors are clearly have the advantage while rogues are in the middle and last wiz are inferior compare to the two classes in 1v1 pvp. (This ranking is not fix. It could change base upon ur build and playstyle. I am merely ranking them base on average pvp build people using in eternal div)

Anyway i hope i could here more ideas from my fellow pvp dq players. I this way we could xpand pvp community and inspire other to play pvp…

Happy pvping
(Im still testing, revising my wiz build experimenting some proc affixes to make it better)


Awesome! Also healing wizard on its way. Gonna try and make that wizard that Mr Scooty made that self heals.

Or I could do alchemy build that could be very hard to take down due to MP absorb and other affixes.

Manashield build idea.

Lot of ideas now.

I also had in mind a Wizard Trickster build to make good use of mirror image since it’s underrated and Trickster need buff as well as Scoundrel wizard or warrior.


Waiting for more info.

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Demonic affix should be useful on pvp to counter build which have high hp regen and hp on hit .

True that but it won’t counter MP Absorb. Also there are such build that do high Regen regardless of demonic or not.

8000 HP Regen ftw. Use that with great reduction and you become frustrating and probably defeat well.

Although Mr Scooty wizard was healing very well even with demonic I used so I had to use rapid hit frequency on his wizard to subdue that rapid heal. I know how kind of.

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The New Scoundrel FTW
Edit: + Equality+Identity

Storm + Identity set + Plagued bonus + 2× PTL. Just try it.

Also aftermath bonus+ meteor + Identity + 2× PTL.

My rank is

Win or lose depend on some death skill touch or not,such as blink strike/enigma/storm/earthquake/coatweapon/swap…
Chakram’s high proc rate still have advantage just not that shining as before.
I think earthquake+swap+enigma+blink strike will be very fantastic with enough good AI.However,I konw less anout AI.IDK how to ultimately use the zero reaction rate of AI,to make some “AI-only” death combo.


Idk about AI that well either lol. It take lot of trial and error to finally get it right and doing so by AI mode practise and 2v2.

Yeah.I will lose many in 2v2 to make a good AI rogue :confounded:

Indeed of all mh skill storm has the highest dmg output. In pvp such burst power

Yes. It’s been like that for new storm and old storm. New storm is better imo .

I easily made it to top1 using rogue can easily defeat tanky warriors but my wiz build is having hard time on warrior name brainless.

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There’s so many new build/playstyle for wizard in 3.0 update cant wait to play again…

I gona rebuild the TIMEMAGE,let mage shine again !
It will be a pure mage different from brainless battle mage,though I think battle mage is stronger.
Sorry about copying the name,I just respect legend @Clogon :innocent:


@Mandelbrot how many in division 1 right now?

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16 players from ranking 1923 to 850.

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I can help you wid wiz build, im a wizard player, i kill brainles tank’s very izzy and rogue is very simple!, if you want print’s i can show you!

Thank you. Save me a spot!! I will be there in one week, I am waiting on a friend to join the party. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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