Pvp 3.0 discussion room


We all miss you !
How many matches are you going to play this season :scream:


Oh storm is coming in arena lmao. GL guys

@Mandelbrot you have a good warrior dude. Keep it up. Happy pvping


Unsure on matches - another 6K? Maybe I will name one of my new Characters “Miss You” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you,happy pvping to you too :grin:
My warrior lost san mythic,some rogues can kill it in 4 s or even 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Mandelbrot indeed my rogue has no problem dealin with it easily. But my wiz is really having hard time against it. :frowning:


Lol copied my idea too. Although it doesn’t matter as you’re better builder for those kind of builds but I definitely had that in mind. Good Luck!


IDK much,have not see your wiz.
But that should owe to tank vs tank always pain :sweat:


pasensyahan tol @kezzar


Love The Professional!! One of my favorites!!! Léon!!:eyes:




Mas Strong ka Larrybirdy Eggless :sunglasses:




@P0cKMaN are u the mage in top5? i visited pvp today i fought ur wiz battlemage. Its AI is quite good compare to others. Are u having hard time killing tanks or rogues?


@P0cKMaN that rogue is quite tanky also deal high dmg. just do charge in and out while using scalp and try to avoid his storm skill and just let his AI chase u.


Is weaken good for pvp?


Yes if you face high resist persons. However I haven’t seen any yet so it depends on circumstances. It really helped me against some opponent in 2.5 when there was an opponent with really high resists.

It’s as good as 20% AR piercing in 20% weaken crystal affix.

It is subjective though. Ascendant is alright for PvP if you have the correct build for it and goes well with weaken. Larrybird is one good example in my facing against him.

I believe since cap of weaken is 200% , PvP cap maybe 40%?

So basically, kind of?


@CuzegSpiked tnx il try it later and observe if it worth a slot


Hey,do you use weaken now?Your rogue 58k storm kicked my ass !


Lol. No I haven’t got weaken yet but I could add it. Although I’m doing an entire revamp to my rogue build so it has more HP, damage reduction and ice attacks and it does have weaken.

But I could just add weaken to my current shock rogue orb design too.

But if it’s rokyiyoy, then I guess so with the weaken. That weaken is very powerful against high resist and was what helped me against Crush Ko Si pat and DDrake when they had super resist.


@Mandelbrot yup yesterday i did use weaken 1pc crystal 1pc epic it seems really good specially against fauns gift build. But today weaken been remove switch to tanky rogue. Maybe later il change stats again i love experimenting haha. The things that kills u is electrecution affix is OP in arena. I always chage my stats. I tested demonic compared with electrecution i just feel that electrecution is superior well having both can be good but i dont have enought set affix slot.

Wer u refering to my rogue?