Pvp 3.0 discussion room


@CuzegSpiked bro. I got a question. Legend affix max shockdebuff +1 will it be still +1 in arena? Or 0.something?


@P0cKMaN i wish my Ai could be better but inorder to copy his/her ai playstyle i will need to add enigma and blinkstrike affix. And that would destroy my usual gameplay when im controlling my char. I dont wna end up enigma in wrong direction or blinking on the area of tanky builds with earthquake mythic that would be litterally suicide for me haha


Thanks pock =P


Yeah,your rogue is dangouse.I will have a rest with my 200win 1 lose(internet error) battle log.Just strongly feel l gona lose much in the next 100 matches !
Same as @CuzegSpiked ,if you can obtain another 23.2K HP that would be challenging.


Yes. It may be +1.


@P0cKMaN i agree no enigma rogue AI is a lot easier to kill but when im in control i can easily win all my games even without enigma. So let it be free point for them then haha. Cuz even though i add enigma it can still be easily killed by others. Il just compete with them in points haha since my AI control isnt godly. Since i can earn points faster anyway by winning games fast and enigma might delay my win cuz of wrong positioning that wont be worth it.

@Sachzna_Laparan i aldo admire ur AI rogue control keep it up

@Mandelbrot ur torrent sucks hurts a lot haha i always time my vault when facing u haha to dodge ur torrent


I already write down note my new build i need more days to make it i miss plying Arena T_T


@Sachzna_Laparan new build for pvp? Im also partly pve/pvp. Im also currently workin on a new build pve. But i stil play around pvp 10-20 or more games b4 doin pve haha


Yes i want to make battlerouge like @P0cKMaN i want to try on my rouge. What do you think?


@Sachzna_Laparan i think last season der are some who did battlemagerogue. I guess its quite Good though not as good as Pockwiz since they have skullshield and manashield build(but i might be wrong maybe u can make a better one). Im excited to see how u will built it goodluck men. Skill procs and earthquake mythic will make it better. I imagine it would be also a tough AI enemy


I’ll have 80k hp lol by the end of my revamp. Also I looked at double mitigate and it’s not worth it with its small value. Even though just another 20k HP is more than enough tbh but I’m gonna try some things to see if they work out :slight_smile: .

Good damage without the need of Crit and some HP. Balance build because it has some protection/survivability but also deals high damage. Ice because it slows and reduces damage and the permafrost MP absorb too.

I could test MP Absorb with Harmony and see if either are worth it and MP absorb itself. If not, I can try other ideas because I’m testing things so I can learn how to make better PvP build. I don’t think MP Absorb generally worth it but I’ll give it a go.
Fauns gift + All resist for example. I might even add CV but it’s probably too good lmao because I’m more about actually engaging in combat to kill easily, even in AI form.


@roykiyoy are you a bow rogue? or chackram?


Weaken is dreadful in the arena, totally wasted affix. 18% chance to reduce the resistance by 18% increases your damage by nought.
Against an enemy with 170 All Resist and Faun 256% you will increase your damage by the Incredible amount of 0.5% on average.


Yeah I found that out the hard way two times. Although I would have hoped weaken activated all the time but I guess not lol. not worth it.