PvP - Build Help - Damage Reduction Build? (will this work)

The idea of this build is to get high damage reduction to the point that the enemy will have to draw for a couple of rounds. Idk if this will work, i dont want to waste crystals so i want to ask if it will work as intended. Basically the build is suppose to look like this:

This is on warrior. MH is Lance (if possible) and Hatchet thing on the OH (if possible).

MH: Change Special to Storm (if possible)
Defiant, 75% MP (Crystal), +100% Blight, +5000 Poison Dmg, +7500 MP, +5000 WD

OH: Change Special to Scalp (if possible)
Enigma, Cosmic Power, +45% Block, +100% Blight +5000 Poison Dmg, +7500 MP

Skilled, Deadly Arts, +45% Block, +100% Blight, +5000 poison Dmg, +7500 MP

Bloodmagic, Identity, +30% Deadly Strike, +100% Blight, +7500 MP, +5000 poison Dmg

Cerebral Vortex, Push the Limit, +100% Blight, +30% Deadly Strike, +2 all sets, +5000 poison Dmg

Sanctuary, Druidic, Druidic Bonus, +30% Deadly Strike, +7500 MP, +2 all sets


Sanctuary, Push The Limit, +100% Blight, +5000 poison Dmg, +2 all sets, +7500 MP

then the Eternal pet I have:
Plagued, +10000 poison Dmg, +150% Gold Find, +40% poison Dmg, +15000 MP, +20 Storm

I though I would want to utilize the damage reduction from the Deadly Arts and Defiant set and use the Cerebral Vortex and Cosmic Power MP% bonus to convert MP into HP using the bloodmagic mythic as well as the one on the pet.

The main damage would come from the storm, originally I was planning to use Scalp + Bleed but then the pet arrived and decided to utilize the storm affix on it by changing MH skill to storm and getting the elemcrit Dmg of poison which is Blight that boosts its damage greatly. I wanted to do prevent losing too much HP and just go full defense with HP regen from Druidic and the poison Dmg.

I have the materials needed to make this but at the same time scared to waste it so here I am asking for help whether or not it will will not work. Consider the thing above as the one on the paper or the blueprint. I have not actually started building it because I still want to tweak it a bit.

In my humble opinion, your 7500 MP will be useless if you have a BloodMagic in your items, but instead use a 7500 HP for higher HP. And also if in a damage reduction is try to find an items with “hyper armor” from Demonic sets and “double mitigation” affix from the Angelic sets of warrior

wait why, doesn’t the bloodmagic convert the MP into HP which give the character more health than HP affix. Also there is not much set affixes that can increase HP without changing too much like skills or deleting regen. The cerebral vortex is fix in the build as it one of the of the other source of damage I have left against those camper guys.

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Yes MP will turn in HP, and i agree on stacking MP with CerebralVortex, AetherialDrain and ElectrifiedBonus(for damage)

Another thing to mention to you, Resist is better than Armour but you do need some Armour.
The biggest threat to tanks is campers. They have 0 BWD(Base Weapon DMG) as all their damage comes from +5000 ElementalDMG - so building resist vs these is highly effective.

Even if you’re building MP and Resist, BattleMage is still great and you can make Charge deal a lot of damage:
For base damage vs low Armour opponents:
One Elixer on MH for +4 Extra Attack Chance (+37.5% base dmg)
One legend affix +2 Multi Attack (+37.5% base dmg)
+5000 WD
Either epic +100% WD or legend +200% WD

For elemental dmg vs low Resist opponents:
+5000 Elemental Dmg on every gear
If you have Elemental Crit chance (Shock: Aetherial Drain, Electrified, etc.) Then some +100% HighVoltage will help a lot

And then thats it for damage, it should hit 40k+ with Charge on dummy, and hit players pretty hard too.
Im not sure if crit works much with this, i hope it does


I saw your point bro but in my experience is were not working with each other like I have a 34% of Glasscannon in PvP while equipping a BM mythic and I was expected that my HP are still high it’s because of a huge reduction but I was wrong

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I guess I will just change the block to crystal resist so that it can get the extra % from the cosmic power and remove one MP affix and change it to an epic element resist affix then try getting unity mythic on the ring.

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I can not understand what you say sorry, english is not my first language :sweat_smile:

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It’s okay bro, what country you came from? I’m at Philippines hehe

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I am philippines 2

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Pleased to meet you bro. Do you speak Tagalog? Ilocano? Ilonggo?

I speak Tagalog but not Ilocano, Ilonggo

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I’d included epiphany it raises the arena caps on your affixes.


What would you need epiphany for?
Hp, damage, ED, armour and resist aren’t capped… and thats almost all you need for arena imo

Also, i wouldn’t recommend deadly strike… unless you have a lot of crit dmg%, it’s not worth it


he’s using it with Deadly Arts for Damage Reduction.

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It also raises caps on block and dodge. Very useful against aggressive opponents

@TeaCup @Golem


I would think that Epiphany would require a Player to have a decent understanding of Crafting PVP Builds normally before using it. I only recently thought of, and wrote down, a PVP Build that wasn’t mostly Epic Affixes. I actually checked the LegendEx for the correct Items for the Build, and actually have a Cerebral Vortex Set on it. I want to build it now, but will wait until finishing Ascending my Rogue & Warrior (they are really close to Perk 6, then the final Ascent). can’t wait to see how it actually performs in Battle Arena. well, I guess I can wait, but still…


I’m sure you will create a great PvP toon @Golem :sunglasses:


thanks! :blush:

all the ones I have done are finding it harder to stay in Eternal League, or at least move up. Builds have gotten tougher to fight with all the revealing that has been posted the last few years. even Beginners can make tough PVP Builds, after they farm for the Loot & Dust needed to build them :imp: .


Fighting in eternal is hard full stop . Focus on how you alternative your play style against different opponents. I’m still learning.

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I’m hoping my PVP Build does well, as I went for hopefully does well against most Builds. balancing between Health & Mana, healing, damage reduction, movement, and damage, was really taxing my brain cells. what really made my brain hurt was getting all that to fit onto my Items and Pet, and still work. I had to make some really difficult decisions about which affixes to keep and which had to be left behind.