PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


they only receive the mythic name when quartzed before


Is that what happens?

I always wondered how my gears lost their names.

Then again, I remembered I found many gears that had 4 or 5 empty sockets in the past.


Post your Immortal Build @Mandelbrot hahaha


Please dont @Mandelbrot, the equivalence immortal build must be keep in secret😂!


What do you mean by this, is it mythic “equivalence” you’re talking about or is this something else?


Is mythic “equivalence” that im talking about.


Thanks man but i was confused if does equivalence is really good on immortal build.


Is a tipe of immortal build to, i prefer equivalence immortal over “scotty” one, but is alot tricky wen i try to build it, is just personal taste!


But which immortal build is acctually better ? Mr_Scooty (alchemy) or mandelbrot (equivalence )!:smirk::smirk:


asking which Immortal Build is better is like asking which Class is better. it is all about play style and Crafting. in PVP, when you get up to Eternal League, even up to Division 1, all 3 Classes are represented. same goes for the Immortal Builds. eventually, if there are enough players with Immortal Builds, you are going to see Immortal Builds hanging out in Mythic League because they lost a few battles to other Immortal Builds in Eternal League. the thing is, Immortal Builds are about surviving until you win, and there are a lot of Anti-Immortal Builds that are not Immortal, but can defeat Immortal Builds and get to First Place in Eternal Division 1. I am sure if you ask them, @Mr_Scooty & @Mandelbrot Immortal Builds have defeated each other at one time or another, so that would make them both better than the other, depending on who won which battle. of course, if I am wrong, then you would get an answer that way.


Can you give me some tips on how to make equivalence immortal build?


Well, you need equivalence kkk, just put you head on in, you will get sooner or later, reduce oponent dmg, hight regen and someting cool about this tipe is triple reduce distance combat skills, blindstrike,shatter,enigma, just like scooty build you need to get hit to survive and you need to hit them to survive more rounds, just like scooty sad, he make his immortal build in reverce engineering, just reverce that​:wink:, i had troubles wen i try to make one, another tip is whid equivalence you can get max dmg reduction but you need to keep your hp/mp full, think, you are always close to the dude your AI, you are always doing dmg to the dude, hp/mp leech can help…:smirk:


It looks like more complicated and it seems i cant make that equivalence immortal build​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Mandelbrot- Veritas. I’ve faced it so many times hahaha and it tooks 7 rounds for me to put him down. :smiley:


That was a very loooooong battle😂.


@Ramboang what’s your IGN?


Same as my forum name, its ramboang too.


I fight your rouge, is very weak vs bleed like almost
All rouges😉!


@ZOMBOY is that your IGN?