PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


What I mean is I saw IMMUNE on top of your character. I’ve only seen this on PVE, it was my first time seeing that on PVP. That’s why I ask.


I see. You were watching the information above my player as you were fighting him. 1v1 or 2v2??


Eternal League 1v1 and I think it is a wizard.


Yes i have Black Magic Wizard in 1v1.

No clue at the moment on immune but I should be able to deduce shortly.

You were fighting with Rogue using shock damage and vial right?


Yes but when I fight your character I’m using my Wizard not the Rogue. Wizard using shock and skull.


Do you remember if you had any critical strikes on my wizard during your match? If not, then that is most likely the explanation for what you observed.


No. I don’t remember but I do have a bleed damage.


Probably Perseverance affix.


I don’t think so. I use Perseverance in my build but I don’t get that IMMUNE.


I will try to recreate that scenario.


I have seen bleed damage get to 0 thanks to Perseverance on Mr Scooty but it doesn’t show the IMMUNE number.


I can only reproduced the IMMUNE by using only my wizard. Tried it on my rogue it won’t show or I just can’t reproduced it.


Me too. I’ve only seen 0 bleed on stat page.


I don’t quite understand this.

Does it mean you’re character are immune to my critical?


During your second set of observations, were you able to have any critical strikes on my character with your wizard? This is the most likely reason. If this is the case then it is because you do not have enough critical chance to overcome my critical strike reduction vs your wizard (Read Trophy Defense Affix).


After several Elemental Criticals, I think characters become immune to them, just like epic+ enemies (you usually can’t elemcrit them more than 1 time). Determination on Flawless Victory Trophy helps such thing happens early.


Yes, it could be Ecrit Damage which would be countered also. Either way, I believe they observed “Immune” because of my trophy.


I don’t think “stun” would be countered by your “defense” affix, since it is different from “paralyze” and wouldn’t count as elemcrit.

“Stunned, Stunned, Immune, Immune, Immune”


No. Stun would not be countered by my build. I have a typo in the previous post. That should have said Elemental Critical Damage.


Never thought using it on a dummy. Thank you.