PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


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How much AR will a +2 or +3 Strength give?


+2 Strength = 1000 AR, 2% HP and 50 HP Regen

+3 Strength = 1500 AR, 3% HP and 75 HP Regen


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About dmg reduction does All Resist only calculated? How about the individual element resist?


All resist is calculated but you will also defend against any other elements your opponent is using. All resist counters all opponent element attacks. If all your gears are ice and ice resist, then you will defend against ice but not the other elements. If you have “all resist” affixes but your gears are another element versus your opponent, then you will only defend with your all resist and not get to count the gear resist plus any specific element affixes on your gears. Hope that makes sense.


Correct me if I’m wrong. If I’m using shock and my opponent also use shock. Then the damage will be calculated to All Resist and Shock Resist. Sounds right?


Yes indeed.


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@PaNgaHazZz @CuzegSpiked continuation from question thread regarding Unity mythic, all resist affix and resist damage reduction calculation.

Reduction Example from first post in this thread where;

Damage Reduction Example:

Defiant - 25% Reduction

Armor - 2X obsidian / 1700x2
----Armor gear - Warrior gear 250x4 AR (1000 AR) in example.

Resist - 1x obsidian/170 (This is All Resist or Resist all enemy elements)
----Resist gear - 100 (Chest 10 + Helmet 10 + Ring 10 + Amulet 10 + Pet 10 + Trophy 50) --> Assume All gears in Shock element. Please do not forget to have the element correct on trophy since it adds 50 resist alone.

Synergy sets assumed in calculations;
----> Armor - Plagued set increases AR
by 25%/rank (75% with one set) / Battle Mage set increases AR
by 20%/rank (60% one set)
---->Resist - Cerebral Vortex set increases Resists by 12.5%/rank or at Rank 3 is 37.5%

Defiant = 1-0.25 = 0.75
This is a 25% damage reduction from defiant set

Armor = 1-(4400x1.75x1.6)/((4400x1.75x1.6)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.3812 = 0.6188
This is a 38.12% damage reduction from AR

4400 = 1700+1700+1000 (warrior gear)
1.75 = Plagued at Rank 3 [1+25%x3 or 1.75]
1.60 = Battle Mage at Rank 3 [1+20%x3 or 1.6]

Resist = 1-(270x1.375)/((270x1.375)+(20x100)) = 1-0.1566 = 0.8434
This is a 15.66% damage reduction from resists

270 = 170 + 100 (gear)
1.375 = Cerebral Vortex at rank 3 [1+12.5%x3 or 1.375]

Overall reduction would become;

1-(0.75x0.6188x0.8434) = ~ 61% Reduced Damage Versus Opponent Using Shock Element based on data from above. Please do not forget that damage reduction is multiplicative.

Given the example above, If your opponent now uses Ice Element then your damage reduction would become:

Defiant = 1-0.25 or 0.75

Armor from above = 1-(4400x1.75x1.6)/((4400x1.75x1.6)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.3812 = 0.6188

**Resist Vs Ice =**1-(170x1.375)/((170x1.375)+(20x100)) = 1-0.1046 = 0.8954
This is a 10.46% reduction versus Ice Element

Overall reduction versus ice element would become;

1-(0.75x0.6188x0.8954) = ~ 58% Reduced Damage Versus Ice Element based on data from above. This would be an aggregate difference of 3% less damage reduction if your gears are shock element, one all resist obsidian affix and one CV Set Rank (3).

Unity Mythic will make All of your Resists the same value as your highest resist. Therefore your damage reduction from above, assuming the same data, would become 61% vs all opponent elements with unity mythic on ring. See below;

With unity mythic, shock is highest single resist value in our example at 371 (170 All Resist + Gear Resist x CV 1.375 – All shock).

Shock 371
Fire 371
Poison 371
Ice 371
Arcane 371

Resists Without unity mythic;
Shock 371
Fire 234 (170 from all resist x1.375)
Poison 234
Ice 234
Arcane 234

If you did not have All Resist Affix and if you did not have unity mythic, then your resists would be as follows;

Shock 138 (100 x 1.375)
Fire 0
Poison 0
Ice 0
Arcane 0


How bout deadly strike mr scoot?


Good example request @deathGG

Deadly Strike with Deadly Arts set can also become Damage reduction. I assume that is what you are asking. This set also gives small chance to reset all cooldowns on a deadly strike.

Let’s assume the same information from above with the 61% Damage Reduction example.

Now, let’s assume you have Deadly Arts set (3) and you have two obsidian affixes of deadly strike at Max 8% each (we already have two for Armor and one for All Resist). Then, you would also have another damage reduction of 16% from deadly strike. This would be expressed as 1-0.16 or 0.84 in the calculation below.

Damage Reduction Calculation accounting for deadly arts and deadly strike affixes;

1-(0.75x0.6188x0.8434x0.84) = ~ 67% Reduced Damage accounting for deadly strike. Because damage reduction is multiplicative, you only gain 6% reduced damage.


Thank you for this information. Now I know how Unity Mythic works.


About Summoner Mythic it also reduce dmg if you have a summon minion. Would it be scaled down in arena?


Thank you sir scoot. Very detailed. Im thinking of a build in arena right now that has great damage reduction and decent dps. Still stuck tho but that helped me a lot!.


Awesome. I have tested unity mythic in the past. It’s always good to try to understand all of the mechanics, even if they lead you to many dead ends.


Summoner mythic would not be scaled in arena. You would obtain 3% damage reduction for each active minion. If you have 5 active minions in the arena, then your reduction from summoner mythic would become 5x3% or 15% but only when they are active. Minions tend to die rapidly and this would not be continuous damage reduction like in our previous examples. In our calculation below, this would be expressed as 1-0.15 or 0.85.

Given the assumptions from the prior posts, if we account for summoner mythic and if you have up to 5 active minions in the arena then your reduction would become;

Damage Reduction Calculation accounting for Summoner Mythic and 5 active minions;

1-(0.75x0.6188x0.8434x0.85)= ~ 67%

0.75 is from Defiant [25% Damage Reduction ]
0.6188 is from Armor [38.12% Damage Reduction ]
0.8434 is from Resist [15.66% Damage Reduction ]
0.85 from Summoner Mythic [15% Damage Reduction]

Caveat I have not personally tested this mythic so it could be bugged. However, it will be difficult to tell since it is not continuous damage reduction (this means your 5 minions would not be active during every second of a match).


Thank you @Mr_Scooty now I know how the mythic works.

I’ve got an idea about this. I will try this equation you gave. Thank you very much.


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