PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


I been using unity
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Unity is good, but since everybody uses shock element on arena it isn’t a big deal. If you enemy doesn’t use shock element then he has a 50% less damage disadvantage.

I have a question about arena “Dmg Prevented” column: Does it match calculations you made here, @Mr_Scooty? I mean, if we know damage caused and also damage prevented, we could know our real damage, since DMGtotal - DMGprevented = DMGcaused.


Yes @luisfsk the calculations I provide are precise. However, there is a bit more involved to understand damage prevented. I will take you a little further down the rabbit hole below.

First, being hit by an attack occurs in a few steps;

  1. Collision - determines if the attack hits you

  2. Elemental Effects - applies elemental effects

  3. Mitigation - lowers damage taken

  4. Damage Dealt - determines final damage, which includes determining if the attack has crit or not.

Mitigation is the step we are discussing. Everything I am providing in the calculations goes into damage mitigation. However, you also need to have an understanding about damage dealt by opponent.

Damage Dealt: The damage is calculated on the basis of the mitigated damage;
–> This means that Critical strikes, Exposed, ruptured… [Damage Amplifications] are applied after mitigation (thus lowering displayed damage reduction). This does not include PTL, barbarian, glass cannon Etc. Your damage prevention will also be distorted if you are not using full perseverance and if you are hit by DoT.

In our example from above, let’s maintain the 61% damage reduction example. Now, let’s pretend we have a match with an opponent and they land 10 strikes on you during the match. This opponent only has base critical damage or 50% more damage on critical strikes. The example I am providing will only describe one example for illustration.

Your Displayed Damage Prevented at the end of a match: 48.9k

Opponents 10 Strikes

  1. Skill X 4680
  2. Skill Y 1950
  3. Ski!l Z 1638
  4. Skill X 7020 (critical strike)
  5. Skill Y 2925
  6. Skill Z 2457
  7. Skill Y 1950
  8. Skill X 4680
  9. Skill Z 1638
  10. Skill X 4680
    Opponent damage = 33,618

Total damage = 82,518 -->

Prevented damage = 59.27% --> (48.9K prevented /82.5K total dmg).

Blocked and Dodge attacks do not go into damage prevented display.

I hope this provides a little more clarity. My friend @Midlumer and I carefully studied this many months ago.


I didn’t know there were steps on damage, but if we are talking about multiplicative values, does it any big difference?
Your example looks ok to me… I did same calculation but by simple taking opponent damage dealt on arena battle stats… And I didn’t find similar values between my theorical values and real ones. I’m probably doing something wrong, I’ll check it later.


Yeah it’s correct :smile: . I did basically similar calculations without even thinking there were steps but subconsciously I knew there were steps .

But it’s great to see a more detailed analysis and example too :smile: .

Also there’s conditional damage Reduction Vs permanent damage Reduction as I figured out;

Conditional damage Reduction is damage Reduction that happens after a condition has been met. Defiant is both conditional and non conditional.

It already sets in stone your 15% damage Reduction in arena but if you have 90% HP or at sanctuary, the damage Reduction increases to almost double that 15%.

Other examples include Shieldwall, skullshield , summoner mythic , equivalence to an extent and dauntless. They are all conditional damage Reduction and not set in stone.

Resist is damage Reduction that is set in stone but for the specific element or all elements. Well it’s kind of conditional in terms of which element but it works as a big part of damage Reduction in reducing damage from elemental attack . AR or armour is also damage Reduction set in stone that will reduce your DMG no matter what.

I mean if the person had AR piercing though, the damage Reduction would change but only if you are affected by those attacks. Weaken also on resists but weaken isn’t worth it in arena in terms of slots and usefulness.

Deadly arts and Pathfinder are also set in stone damage Reduction but only if you add dodge on gear for pathfinder or deadly strike on gear. They don’t work without them anyway but with deadly strike and dodge, these sets work in reducing damage and always reduce damage then.

Permafrost is also set in stone in terms of reducing damage so long as you gain MP in it , a large enough resource pool for MP and the right resource system.

The set in stone damage Reduction are the major parts of damage Reduction and is what accounts for pretty much almost all of it but the conditional damage Reduction that can be activated via skill or by a set effect in specific circumstances can help . Shieldwall and Skullshield are a major part of reducing damage if activated for eg.


AR Pierce from Eternal Bloodless Trophy can also reduce damage prevented. See example below.

Let us stay with the same 61% damage reduction we’ve built in this thread for this example. Now, we will face an opponent who has Eternal Bloodless Trophy with 19.6% AR Pierce.

Defiant = 1-0.25 = 0.75
This is a 25% damage reduction from defiant set

Armor = 1-(3538x1.75x1.6)/((3538x1.75x1.6)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.3312 = 0.6688
This is a 33.12% damage reduction from AR. Or a 5% difference on reduced damage vs bloodless trophy]

3538 = (1-0.196)x(1700+1700+1000) (warrior gear)
1.75 = Plagued at Rank 3 [1+25%x3 or 1.75]
1.60 = Battle Mage at Rank 3 [1+20%x3 or 1.6]
0.196 = AR Pierce bloodless trophy

Resist = 1-(270x1.375)/((270x1.375)+(20x100)) = 1-0.1566 = 0.8434
This is a 15.66% damage reduction from resists

270 = 170 + 100 (gear)
1.375 = Cerebral Vortex at rank 3 [1+12.5%x3 or 1.375]

Overall reduction would become;

1-(0.75x0.6688x0.8434) = ~ 57.7% Reduced Damage Versus Opponent Using Eternal Bloodless Trophy with 19.6% AR Pierce.


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How much Resist does a +3 Intelligence give?


150+ All resist. That’s at 3 Intelligence. At 3+ strength, 1500 AR . 2+ intelligence just means 100+ All resist and 2+ strength is 1000 AR.


3 Intelligence provides 3% MP, 150 Resist and 75 MP Regen.


thx for this guide. i computed my max damage reduction upto 95% on PVP. it only take me 1 hr to compute and time to read the article. also with the power of excel for computations hehe


%95 in pvp ?! Did You solved immortal build?! How?!!!


95% sounds about right.


@mylifeisfunny the immortal build is still a mystery, haven’t try it myself. I still lack of resources for this. need to farm and grind XD


Share with me too ı wanna farm for something worthy tired of equality and identity drops :smile:


it is not an enjoyable character to start with. not worth it for grinding


@mylifeisfunny just turn those unwanted Equality and Identity drops into Dust or Crystals. a good farming build has maxed out luck and gold find, and maybe maxed out item drop rate. a great farming build might also have Nadroji, Crystaline, Mythic, or Eternalized sets. getting the Perks will also improve your farming ability, if you want to take the time to get them. if you look in the Codex, there are some Legend items that have some good farming affixes to help you get started with your farming. I used some of them to get started, and eventually had enough loot to make my own farming build. after all that, then you can work on crafting a good PVP build that the Immortal builds wont laugh at anymore, and start showing you the respect your character has earned through combat in the Arena.


is there pvp armor cap? im planning to make a tanky char with pure armor.




how does the 50%armor mythstone affect total armor on pvp?