PvP Damage Reduction / Prevention


Mythstones are reduced by 70% in affixes so the affix in pvp is only 30% of what the value is in PvE. Do the math, 30% of 50% = 15%. 50*0.3= 15. It also tells you in arena rules that mythstones are reduced by 70% in value and you can check profile for what that mythstone value really is.


for example i have 10k basic armor. i have plague(75%) and 15%mythstone armors. then in calculation

10,000 * 1.75*1.15=20,125armor

is this right mr. @CuzegSpiked ?




@lionex In a follow-up question from another thread, I will provide a simple analysis of PvP Resist vs Weaken affix.

Mathematically, Weaken affix gives a chance to reduce a players resist by XX%.

In the arena, player levels are 20. PvP Resist Damage Reduction calculated as;

Resist / (Resist + (20x100))

Leveraging damage reduction example from above, let’s theorize what weaken could do to a player with the resist in my prior example.

Defiant 1-0.25 = 0.75
25% damage reduction from defiant set,

Armor 1-(4400x1.75x1.6)/((4400x1.75x1.6)+(20x1000)) = 1-0.3812 = 0.6188
38.12% damage reduction from AR.

4400= 1700+1700+1000 (warrior gear)
1.75= Plagued at Rank 3 [1+25%x3 or 1.75]
1.60= Battle Mage at Rank 3 [1+20%x3 or 1.6]

Resist 1-(270x1.375)/((270x1.375)+(20x100)) = 1-0.1566 = 0.8434
15.66% damage reduction from resists

270= 170 + 100 (gear)
1.375 = Cerebral Vortex at rank 3 [1+12.5%x3 or 1.375]

Damage reduction Example:
1-(0.75x0.6188x0.8434) = ~ 61% Reduced Damage

Leveraging example from above, now Resist Vs 24% Weaken

270 x (1-0.24) = 205

(205x1.375)/((205x1.375)+2000) =

282/2282 = 0.124
1-0.124 = 0.876

Damage Reduction vs 24% Weaken

1-(0.75x0.6188x0.876) = ~ 59% Reduced Damage (Difference of 2% less damage reduction versus Someone using Weaken at 24%).

Vs 48% Weaken --> Caveat - I do not know if 48% Weaken is possible.


140.4/2140.4 = 0.0656

1-0.0656 = 0.9344

1-(0.75x0.6188x0.9344) = ~ 56.6% Reduced Damage (Difference of 4.4%% less damage reduction versus Someone using Weaken at 48% ~ 3 affixes).


it seems that WEAKEN(resist reduction) is the counter part of AR PIERCE(AR reduction). thanks @Mr_Scooty


How… Tf. Clearly I’m still missing stuff in regards to understanding damage prevention and healing


Well after some tinkering I’ve figured it out, just working on the healing bit now lol


You can do it.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that’s amazing


may I inquire as to your starting hp? I’ve found issues with managing upper damage reduction in addition to hp


It is a variant of my Black Magic Wizard.


i thought my calculation of 95% reduction is great but then i see this posts :sob:


What’s the problem? 95% DR is already high enough.


i tried my best calculating the highest damage reduction i could, but other still managed to get it higher it hurts my feelings :cry:


I think the secret formula of reduction is alchemy with high armor/resist. No need to explain. You should try it and you will see the result.:slight_smile::slight_smile:


Thank you. :wink: Duly noted.


but the secret formula is have another secret formula too. When you got the another secret formula. You will see the result.:slight_smile:


Wow that’s awesome damage reduction…can you give me some hints to do that? I still cant figure it out how does high damage reduction works.


Im still way under the op mr scooty with his 18.5m damage prevented but I’m still working on it. I need to make a set with alchemy and see if that helps


Good job @Spaggy :+1::smirk: