PVP - Immortal Build, Help me!

Has Immortal Build been mentioned a lot lately, does anyone help me build it?

Tks 4read!

One of the many questions id like to ask here but cant get the asnwer… Lmao :joy::joy:

If everybody knew how it worked it wouldn’t be so cool, you know :sunglasses:?


Reckon so.

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Better not to…i think the devs will probably nerf if as soon as possible coz its to OP and annoying in the Arena :slight_smile:

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Can you call it Immortal Duo if your Warrior have 500k HP , 500 Power and Wizard have 700k HP , 800 Power ?

Agreed. If everybody in Arena knows that thing everyone will be bored.

I’m bored already and I’m not even using the build.

It’s fun being chased by something you can’t kill forshiz and that ultimately leaves you REKT.

Yep. So much of the fun ILUVIT so much.

Dont get carried away, you might be disappointed in the end. The immortal build only looks strong and “immortal” against players with average pvp builds. It is a fact that it can be killed (without having many draws) against top caliber builds especially in Eternal division 1.


I agree ive faced immortal builds and those builds are really just for those average damage dealing characters who cant reach even 20k crit.

But still, it would be better to keep this build in the hands of a few This build was created to annoy and survive every round. It’s a scary thought, what if you you add things offensively to not draw every round but to be able to duel and outtrade everyone? It’s like you have a 30 secs Stealth, why do you want to run away when you can kill them?

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Immortal Builds are strong against newbies, but for veterans like f00kee its just 20sec battle :joy:.

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Nah, I havent fought and beaten this build yet, I havent started playing PVP. But all I can say is, this is a powerful build but created for the wrong purpose.

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It reduces DMG by over 90% at first round. How can I instantly kill it? I didn’t put all my PvP stats to DMG as I want some survivability to protect against certain builds and deal damage whilst surviving.

Even if I did put all my stats to damage in PvP , it would take some rounds before I finally defeated it, even with 100s of hits at a time.

Yes. Yes. Immortal Builds are good IF only 5 or 10 Users using it (for extra challenge) but if so many in Arena especially Eternal Lair, the Arena will be boring. No good fights, always frustration.

I love to fight tanky builds but can be killed in just 1 full round like Bodom (Warrior) and Dark (Wiz). But facing Immortal tanks like Hell_Scream (with 470k HP 800 Power) I got kinda bored.

Ikr. I bet I will hear a lot of plz nerf. Although tbh I wouldnt mind.

I wreck tank builds very well and pretty much everybody but the immortal build is annoying​ to face. It existed back in 2.0 from cronos but reappear in 2.5-3.0 but much more annoying.

Quite fun build its has pros and cons but still A well deserved +1
For the makers yeah F00kee was right High Caliber Builds can kill it



If pvp is online this build will rekt as all :crossed_fingers:t2:

What is this immortal build?? Is it only for warior and wizards?? Is this created by someone here in this forum? Pls. let me know…