PVP - Immortal Build, Help me!


Its pretty awesome indeed but there are some lapses… I woudnt mind not getting the immortal build nerfed… Im fine with it heheheh


Immortal build is NP anymore for me. In fact I hope to get them just for shidz and giggles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: took me eons to finally get some semblance of a decent build with “some kinda” direction.

Now that my farm build is ruined for the sake of my pride in PvP against those immortals… …

It’s gonna take weeks to reassemble it.

THAT was my overall issue with the immortal build. Unnecessary obstacles. But… Now I know. :smiling_imp:



Earthbound Immortals. Yugioh reference XD.


The state of me! :sob:
Bodom 2.0 incoming!


I love you brother. :joy: When I face your character I got a bit excited because you fight like a Spartan… Tahahaha.


This is a really annoying innovation of the immortal build. Because it makes the immortal build look like child’s play.

Check his build. LoL!!


im in mythic league we will meet soon :grin:


Immortal build is easy to defeat by me but just boring to face. It’s cool battles until it gets repetitive.


Try my warrior ma friend​ :grin: you’ll be Happy if you face it for sure :harrypotterparrot:


How dv at you are ^^


What is the name of your Rogue @flasher13? my rogue’s name is arrow143 I’m in mythic league also…

can you show me your rogue bow build for arena? hahahaha :wink:


By the way what’s the name of your Warrior? I just stay in Div 3 because of one Rogue there… I love fighting @Eater Rogue :joy::joy: he always deals 100k Crit on me even though I have 97% DMG Reduction on PVE.


leenshadow is the name of my rouge that build is balance lohko build :heart_eyes: but not yet finish cause out of crystal.


You use MP regend crystal affix?


im using mp on hit and mp regen crystal.


Crystal affix? I mean…


1500 mp regend?


what nature you used?


yup if you will see the old LOHKO build it has potential just adjust some of its affixes. Im preparing some prototype build to improve the old one for now im experimenting to have its unique style. Credits to the owner of LOHKO build @cronos4321 the idea is there but you need to update it and make some experiment and the best way to know its potential is by testing and adjusting it and it burns lots of crystal and gold.