PVP - Immortal Build, Help me!


And this is the best thing in DQ world experimenting, brainstorming and testing builds :grin: it is my 1st time in pvp since i started in January this year so i think im less experience in pvp but i will learn soon enough to compete :heart_eyes:


Wow… hope you can help me… because I am also building pvp rogue bow type…


So I take back everything I’ve said about wizard builds so far. :joy:

With a little more work and a few adjustments this build will be done. Haven’t used it in the arena except for when I was testing the effectiveness of the bonuses. And well… Definitely eternal league grade. And PvE 1k M3 and up and counting. But I reckon it will go to at least 3k maybe even higher if the talents are there.

Anyways here’s what I’ve managed to cook up with hardly any crystals :cry:

Still have a long way to go before it’s complete. Even a set adjustment needs to be made with another bonus. End of today I’ll post it here. But in the meantime this is what this build can do to an eternal league player. :joy:

And yes I know my aftermath bonus isn’t active ATM. But in the arena it works as is.

Thoughts?! :worried:


And yes my affixes are all over the place and also need to be rerolled a ton. But the idea of where I’m going is there…somewhere. :sweat_smile: