PvP Questions Thread

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I think we could use a Q&A thread for PvP-specific questions :smile:

~~~ PvP FAQs ~~~

-Do pet stats matter in PvP? Yes.

-What’re the chances of getting a Legend chest? ~5%?

-Do I obtain a chest even if my computer-controlled character wins a match against a live player? Yes.

-Do I lose / gain ranking points if my computer-controlled character loses / wins a match? Yes, you lose and gain ranking points in virtual matches (i.e. when a live opponent is matched against your AI-controlled character).

-Do Hero Points matter in PvP mode? Yes and no. Strength, Dexterity Fortune and Integrity do appear to matter, but points in MH/OH skills do not matter.

-If I change my character’s gear in Campaign mode, is it automatically changed in PvP mode too? No. You have to change your gear in PvE, then also log into the Battle Arena in order for the change to register in PvP mode.

-How do I obtain Battle Arena-specific Legendaries? First get to Eternal League, then you’ll have the chance of finding the items in a chest.

-Does Luck affect what I get from chests? It seems so, yes. As well as Eternalized, Crystalline, and the other farming sets. So when you’re in campaign mode make sure your character’s farming gear is equipped before you open your chests.

-Why does all my opponent’s affixes show up as “???”? In Eternal League affixes on every player’s equipment are hidden. Best guess is this is done in order to prevent duplication of builds.

-How many ranking points do I get for winning a match? 10 on average, 15 of you beat a much higher ranked opponent, 3-4 for beating a much lower ranked opponent.

I’ll continue to update this top post as common (or not-so-common) questions are answered.


mp on CC

Right, on to it then. Plenty of questions.

  1. Does anyone know if pets matter in PvP?

  2. How about Hero Points?

  3. What is the % chance of obtaining a Legend chest from a fight? Eternal chest?

  4. If my AI-controlled character wins against a live opponent, will I still get a chest in my inbox from that match?

  5. Do the wins & losses from my AI-controlled character count towards my W/L ratio in my Battle Arena stats?

  6. If I play PvP and then switch to campaign mode and change my gear (but I don’t play PvP again), does my gear also change on my character respectively? Or do I have to change gear, then open up Battle Arena for it to change?

  7. Is it just me or would Battle Arena mode benefit tremendously from having a ‘Stats’ page for your character similar to what Campaign mode has?

  1. Yes, it does big time. We can have the same build with same talents and all but the pet will be your game changer. At least eternal pet does.

  2. I think so, yes because it affects my HP. But not completely sure about the rest.

  3. I think you are guaranteed an eternal chest if you if you’re part of the 1% of the eternal league or if you beat one that’s on it. Please correct me guys.

  4. Yes, you will have added an extra away chest on your stash.

  5. I think not.

  6. I think your last equipped gears will be saved while your out of pvp. It will change if you log on to pvp again.

  7. Not sure.


1 and 2, syzygy is absolutely right. Pets are powerfull in PvP and hero stats (not skills) affect your character in PvP.
3. I don’t know the exact chance but how i feel is that 95% of chests are rare or epic, the rest are legend/eternal. What is more interesting i never got eternal chest with boost to chest rarity from ads. After watching the ads they are very often legend chests, sometimes epic, but i never got eternal after the ad.
4. yes
5. You gain/lose rating points but your stats are changed only if you play, not your AI.
6. Gear on PvP is uploaded when you enter the battle in PvP mode. So changing it after the battle in campaign will not affect the items on your AI in PvP.
7. In my opinion stats for battle arena should be in game together with the caps. Why should people waste hard earned crystals, then crafted items to know they work entirely different in arena than in PvP?

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Great! A few more questions,

  1. If you wear Eternallized Set in PvP, does it increase your chance of getting an eternal chest from the duel?

  2. Similar question, but with Luck. Does Luck % affect chest rarity?

  3. Is there any rhyme or rhythm to the reduction of stats in PvP? For ex. I’ve noticed that Crystal affixes seem to be 1/3rd of what they are in Campaign mode, but Ruby affixes seem to be all over the place…

  4. How much do you feel unfair players (cheaters) ruin the PvP experience?

1 and 2. I don’t know if luck or eternalized impact what chest will you get. I can only imagine, but i think they do not affect the rarity of chest.

  1. I think most affixes have individual reduction values becouse:
    45% crit chance is reduced to 11% which is ~4 times lower while 30% dodge/deadly strike is reduced to 9% which is ~3.1 times lower. Also for legend affixes 50% push the limit/glasscannon/barbarian is reduced to 18% which is ~2.8 times lower while 100% elemental damage is reduced to 24%? (i’m not 100% sure) which is ~4 times lower.
    Same is for epic affixes. 150% eternal gold find is reduced to ~50% which is 3 times lower while 10000hp affix is reduced to 2080 which is ~5 times lower.

  2. If you dont have really good gear they are pretty though to deal with, but every cheater ive seen mostly dont know how make his builds effective so even with edited stuff they are weak.

Thanks as always Msiiek…

Regarding unfair players and the top 3 leaderboard spots. Again maybe it’s just me, but it seems somewhat daunting to think that although they are perhaps blatant cheaters, they are permitted to hang out at the top of the leaderboards for as long as they have been. I’m sure this is a known issue… But what are your thoughts?

I think there should be someone dedicated to be online often and check people on arena for cheating if they want to maintain arena competitive.

About the chest, eternalized, crystalline and luck can affect the drops of what you get in eternal chests or legend chests I noticed. This means I get a better chance of trophies. If its a case of legend chest, eternalized gives me a better chance of eternals as well as the league im in. Epic chests give a higher chance of wpics of loot and trophies as well as legends due to luck. If its eternals with crystal affixes, crystalline would speed that up. I think crystalline increase rarity of crystals in chest you can open too. Also floor rarity. This is just when chests are opened though, not gotten through pvp matches.


Thanks guys… Very helpful. Another question just so I’m clear. What is with the unidentifiable items of people on the leaderboards? I’m sure it’s to discourage replicating the same build, which makes sense, but I’m wondering if you duel them, will you be able then to see their items in the duel screen?

No, you can’t see their items affixes.

But I’m a little confused then, because so far whenever I have dueled someone (even in Eternal League), I’ve always been able to see their character’s gear by clicking the ‘Profile’ button, so why should these guys be any different?

I dont know how, but every player in eternal league have his items hidden.

Having hidden items is just begging for hackers to take advantage of the system, or perhaps I’m mistaken…

It seems to me, then, that a Catalogue of some kind should exist that translates each individual Affix from Campaign Mode to Battle Arena, so the player knows beforehand what his stats will be. @Clogon would you agree? x)

Msiiek, do you know how many ranking points are gained / lost per each match? And if it’s the same if your computer-controlled character loses?

Rating gain/lost is based on the opponent you face. Average is 10 points. Win against 200 rating higher player is ~15 points and against 200 rating lower player is ~3-4 points. I think the same is for your AI.


Terrific, and does anyone know if hireling AI settings is also what is used to control your AI character in PvP mode against a live player?

dont max out the yards put it at 25-30yeards only depend on what skill you are using

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But are my Campaign mode AI settings also being cross-utilized in PvP mode when my character faces a live opponent?