PVP TopEternal1 WIZ BUILD 2.3

Hi gooday ive received some pm from other players requesting for pvp wiz build. (also as i check all top players almost all are rogues and warriors only few play wiz) so i made some effort creating a build that is capable of standing at the top using wiz. i cant say dis build is rightfully mine since i got all the idea of after batling top wiz and some warriors. (so its everybodies build lol)

Here i present to you :wink:

Stand at the TOP

Battle Record fighting top eternal players div1

im lazy xplaining every affixes just view the pic all affix are quite understandable. :stuck_out_tongue:

TAlent : focus amplify astral empower

gameplay:stay in ur place spam orbs wait til der ai come at you then the orbs and cosmic orbs should burst them once dey survive ur atk teleport to ur orb so dat der toon follow u and dey will take dmg of orb w/ living force.(use teleport dodge torrent/skill and keep distance w/ enemies)

Note: you can replace one perseverance to reflect dmg or another immunities.

I hope to see more LEGIT WIZ in the top league. ill be waiting for you guys…



Impressive imp. I have the same one but the epic affixes aren’t that good sadly. Nice build, it’s interesting & helpful to see what players come up with

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@JesusSaves tnx for appreciating. i actualy made it as simple as it can be (use lesser legend affix) so that newbies can easily build it. can add glasscanon or 100%ed to made it better.

about imp. if only it has 50% hp instead 50%Mp it would be better lol.

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Why +10 orb ? I understood that heroic points dont work in PVP

He put +10 orb in his gear/ item it will work on PvP. Heroic skill points doesn’t work in pvp, unless you put it in your gear/items that what I understand. :wink:

example my toss skill recently damage 2k can improve if i add +10 toss?

It will improve… But if your toss/oh wep is your main damage dealer better to have 100%wd +5000wd. +10 toss it will improve.

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thanks for the clarification bro. I love this game every day i learn something new :muscle::muscle:

why is that there is a luck on your items? was it intended of pvp?

For the faun’s gift set. …

@Galahad when u use fauns gift affix it inc ur hp by % and all resist base on luck affix in ur gear including pet and naturen(though i use of all element in nature)

@SilentKiller +10orb though = +3 only in pvp (but +10skil are stil worth it to have. i put it for slower projectile speed since every time u lvl ur orb its speed slows down)for more hit frequency hit the target.

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oh i see, sorry i forgot that you are wearing faunts. :smiley:

I’m kinda new but i find wiz ez mode and I’ve been all over builds at a cheaper testing range. . my first 2 PvP items leg hellfire skull what ever and the summoner wand are still better then anything I more of put on… Some better in stays for starting HP/power but just don’t win. I personally am an underdog fan myself and I think the melee of any class is much harder to survive with. Need immune everything disable and 3x my wiz DMG/HP and still get fluffy bunnied

@Gummy u ned defiant affix it helps u tankier(compare to other class wiz is really squishi in pvp) u dong need tons of immuniies since u have dispel in pvp for me i wer gona choose 2 must have immunities i would choosr stun blind immune since almost all toons use lightning elem w/c can stun u and stun talent also lots toons uses smokebomb or proc.(blind last 3sec kinda quite long ). thats why i choose using luck+fauns gift (since it boost hp along w/ all resist makes u abit more tankier compare to if u build pure hp%) and just kill der toons b4 dey kill u “ive face lots of tanks in the league but dey die in 10-12 sec” also u need to dodge der torrent and skills thats why i use orb oh (for teleport skill for mobility/dodging). hmm about rogue just silent them once the orb hits der should die faster.

can I see the AI setting? :smile:

@Eater its one of the downside of this build ur ai toon will be easy to beat since players can easily kite an orb w/o reactor… but when ur in initiative u can burst tank builds just by setting up the orb in 1 place and wait for der ai to come

how many yards?haha