Pvp unbalanced

Usually, because the the difficulty gap between the difficult opponent and the previous opponent is so wide, I end up being more frustrated than proud. This usually occurs around streak 7-8, where the matching system seems to go all out and throw god after god at the player.

Nevertheless, if it is an attempt to slow the ranking up of the player, it could be seen in a good way I guess - if the player rises up a league he could end up facing gods even sooner, maybe even streak 3 or 4. Perhaps actually staying in a lower ranked league is a good thing.

This seems to be a bug. You are not supposed to be match against someone that out classes you greatly at that win streak range. During my sprint to eternal, I have noticed a lot of strange things that occured with the match making.

I hope the devs can look into it when they have the chance.

that might be one thing I guess. But, 7 matches today the person never moved, and during this time not a single damage was being taken at all. Then 1 sec till match end they do a attack thats a 1 shot kill. We call that bots, and most games find this to be a violation of players contract. Sorry we all play pvp on many games and know how to re-gear to focus on campers, kits, and flat out power hitters. But, we can not deal with bots and thats where you guys come into play and remove them. So please do not feed us excuses because company yet to figure how they got past your fire wall and bot the system. Best just to put like most games do " We are dealing with the current bot issue at hand"

Not sure what you mean here by calling them “bots”. All opponents are AI controlled, with behavior determined on client based on relatively simple settings from the server. If they are not moving, it’s likely from how they setup their settings.

If you see any more opponents that behave strangely, simply let us know the name and we’ll look into it. We do our best to remove as many exploits as possible, that we can reproduce.

As steiger and the ingame tutorial state, you are PVPing against AI’s. Different AI’s have different settings and will only do things they are set to do.

Check it out! I managed to get mythic league with this set maxed at 25% quality and all crystal. I do use nadroji sometimes with blinkstrike to smash camping AIs. Twister proc and aftermath+Meteor and proc is strong on them too. I agree there are certain almost unbeatable campers but thats just the way it is.

Im sick of facing same opponents, im on almost 50 streak at eternal league, and still no clogon shay refia or any good players :frowning:

Sometime is wrong with the matching system, I am not finding those players recently either

What build do you use?

Rouge with a bow for easy points :))

PVP unbalanced? I think because of:

Chance scaling. Some affixes scale to almost useless after being scaled down, while others are completely useful. Some, which usually offer 100% chance to hit (e.g. guided shot) and others which offer 100% chance to activate (e.g. aftermath 4, coat). Chance scaling is either lopsidedly useless or useful. My suggestion would be to take a second thorough glance for each of these, so that all aren’t completely useless or useful in pvp.

Proc and Cooldown reset scaling. Blink strike and Quick attack in particular. Procs gets a big chance to activate on long cooldown skills, and Blink strike’s 6 second cooldown is a large customer. However, quick attack ruins the balance by taking these 6 seconds for granted, making it the potentially biggest customer for proc fests.

I believe PVP and PVE should have completely different scaling systems, rather than this universal level 20 solution.


I use eternal odyssey and i still lose to tank builds

Please please make it a random opponents :confused: im facing same faces already at 50 streak and counting. How to face top players :’(

I thought this is pretty normal? LoL. From common league up to rare league, I never reached streaks past 8+ since I always encounter some random god by 7-8 wins ending my streak and I already accepted the fact that it is probably normal that I am not wearing good items yet. lol

What level is your character?

Lv99 rogue/warrioir and just recently reached Rare league. patiently farming for points reaching only 8th streak at max lol

I feel like the pvp AIs have real player data like streaks, equipment, leagues, league points and affixes. Yes they are AIs but I swear they have real player stuff. I think it happens when the ingame tutorial states: “Your heros will be fighting for you even when your logged out”.

…uhh that’s how it works

Uggh, i am pushing my way to eternal league but now you need 6000 points instead of 3000. Also on my push, i always seem to be losing by this annoying rogue who shoots extremly far away or blink strikes you in 1 hit. Too many op hacking rogues up at mythic league its crazy. REMOVE THESE F#*%ING ROGUES! I lose due to ninja, all eternals sometimes, oddesy when the rogue stays at extreme distance and I cant reach him and just a low level logue who one hit koes me when they dont even have many legendary equipemnt.

Remove these hackers at once!! The warrior is too easy to beat now which is too op, wizards are easy but sometimes challenging then rogues are too op because they shoot from too far or Ninja you even if your prepared. I think blinkstrike could solve this or a new build but i am getting nowhere now. Im at over 3100 points at mythic league but still need 3k points to go to reach eternal and top 100. These hackers seem to always beat me when i have at least 5 streaks and also they almost always have nightblade stuff or demonic/angelic stuffs. Its really annoying and pvp is truly unbalanced