Pvp unbalanced

Im an eternal rogue and i lose sometimes to people in common league, if you are having trouble try making a tank warrior or a rogue yourself

You are probably losing to legit player AI, maybe your set just sucks.

Nah my set is really strong but it cant reach extreme range rogues but it has some chance against blinkstrike ninjas. It has a power of 230 in battle arena which is huge. It loses to those rogues if i cant reach them fast and arrows too fast. I feel like rogues are too imbalanced in battle arena.

FYI my power around 400 in arena, and often lose pretty much to anything lol , especially tanks
never past 10 streaks win

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FYI that is the same with me except i have a power of 230 and never past 10 or 5 streaks. I still get profit to earn league points. How come i earn 6+ league points on first try instead of 1? Is that a recent update or is it just me in mythic league.

There was a server update.

I faced your warrior today in the arena, i got fricken destroyed lol goodjob on your build

Thanks :smile:
I am still adjusting a few things.
Affix slot always seem to be less and less when your doing a build lol

Yeah, also could you take a look at my post? It’s about my current build

I found the solution to beat those extreme range rogues? I used stealth proc on my wizard and spammmed my attacks until the stealth proc activates so i attack those Ais and they die before two seconds are over. Is there any better ways to defeat those players besides stealth proc and a good build. At least im 3rd place in mythic league but whats the maximum points possible to eternal league apart from top 100.

Honestly, the best way to counter is to use the build yourself… Stealth and then guidedshot & they are dead

I suggest the following:

Scale everything to Level 50 but nerf Damage by 90% so chance affixes will have a much better use.

Revise the proc system algorithm so BlinkStrike/QuickAttack won’t be so broken.

Revise Stun Immune and Frozen Immune to be % based (something like 40% at level 1, 100% at level 100) so they can scale along with the others.

Revise GuidedShot so its seek speed and linger time will scale with level.

Give an internal cooldown level scaling to Aftermath so it will scale down in the arena.


I am not a rogue though. hehe

Yeah, some set combinations rely on procs like dodge or block etc. and those are pretty bad when scaled down to lvl 20… This change would give builds that rely on emental crits or other procs a better chance in pvp.

me too, Emman’s warrior is OP lol
how come your warrior with HP only 27k and power around 200 but I barely put a dent, not to mention my toon got wrecked pretty fast :joy:

sorry if it’s off topic :grin:

I have to say, i would like to see a pvp system where i can fight actual players, instead of their ai’s, since some of the ai’s are playing at a much faster rate than the actual player ever could… Also i have a few friends that i would like to test my skills against :innocent::sunglasses:

Then again, I have to quote this from time to time:

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Oh and I use stealth proc for my build in pvp.

why does i have to match with an eternal rank even if im in epic? When you reach 15 streak you will match with an eternal character?

Matchmaking is based on MMR, if u doing streak your MMR (Match Making Rating) will be high and it will search/give opponent that have MMR equal or around your.