[ PVP ] Wizard mana sheild build

No picture,only word version.I have not buildt this,this is my stupid idea.

PVP stats
HP(use mana as hp) : 545.485K
POWER : 1100 to 1150
Damage reduction : 16.5%
Dodge chance :24%(max)

MH:Any you like
earthquake/cosmicorb/apocalypse mythic
aethereal drain set
75% mp crystal
50% glasscanon
7500 mp
5000 ed

cosmic power set
75% mp
50% glasscanon legend
50% push the limit
7500 mp
5000 ed

ruptured mythic / exposed if you chose cosmicorb MH
scoundrel set
75% mp
5 all arch mage legend/same as 5 all talent mythic stone
7500 mp
5000 ed

battle mage set
75% mp
50% glasscanon
5 all arch mage
7500 mp
5000 ed

spell sword
225 gold find
2 all set
50% push the limit
7500 mp
5000 ed

cerebral votex set
8 dodge crystal(anti flawless trophy)
2 all set
50% push the limit
7500 mp
5000 ed

satyr’s spirit set
7500 mp
5000 ed
25% mp
10barrier epic wizard talent/75gold find
10insight epic wizard talent

Point : All in mana

OH skill : scalp for 100% bleed chance

Nature : Greed*6=150% gold find

Talent :
Body : barrier
Head : insight
Ring: bewilder
Amulet :empower

Play style

Neednt 100% copy,if you can understand this build,then you can make it better.


This build have good mp regen by 24% dodge + 11 insight talent

Bug or feature?
Insight talent mp restore is not a certain number, but a unknow percent of max MP.
The codex and talent page shows wrong.

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Hmmmmm. Good build but…@Griffin is far better…build for lazy persons tahahaha…

Yeah.But god should not enter human war :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
In fact, I created this topic to discuss insight talent,I am a little confused.
@griffin will help me !

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I highly doubt anything you’re going to post is stupid idea, so let’s get that out of the way first and foremost.

This build sounds fun. I have not seen a manashield in the arena in a long time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This could show good results in 3.0 as is or with some modifications.

Thank you for sharing.


I said this is a stupid idea cuz smart players konw that hp build with high damage reduction have clear advantage than manasheild build with poor dr from barrier.
I hate battele mage,this set eaten many brains like CV did :rage:


I just asked Steiger and insight is currently .25% total MP per dodge you’re correct the description is wrong right now although it’s mostly only good in PvE :smile:


Haha --> the player status quo needs a change…


Thank you very much !!!
Will it change to certain number regen in the next patch ?

Probably just update the description it’s not OP as it is at all :smile:

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Cleared ! Thanks!!!

Ture insight effect is 0.25%per rank max mp regen per dodge,plus 0.2%dodge per rank,which makes this build not too stupid.
Simple math:
545k x 24% x 11 x 0.25 = 3597 dynamic mp regen per hit,plus 16.5% dr from 11 rank barrier,it is 3697/0.835=4308.
If your oppoent has 8600 average damage,your dr is 50%.
Correct me if wrong.


1# Neednt defiant set which is hard to get,good for new players.Though you will lose some damage,dont worry, 1100+ dam same as defiant user’s 800+ is not too low.

2# MANASHEILD gives 200% damage refect,if you get hit,your opponent will get root/silence/slow immediately from refect damage.That is a bit helpful,other builds need one slot to add refect damage,but it is free for you.

3# Enjoy casting skills,you have 545k mp.

4# Never afraid of demonic/electrocution,your hp keeps 100%…or 0% :joy:


1.# MANASHEILD is a kind of boodmagic,you will lose hp(mp) in casting.But thing worse than bood magic is you will not get damage buff,and sanctuary mythic becomes helpless.

Cool build idea. :wink: :slight_smile: :relieved: :aussiereversecongaparrot: . That build looks like it could easily succeed.

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This idea is awesome

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Haha,545K mp + 1100 power looks cool :smiling_imp:
Biggest weakness of manasheild is it is a regen build.
That dynamic regen/dr depend on enemy type.“3597 mp per hit” is helpless facing burst build like yours.
May say : all regen build is weak even alchemy build.

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Lol. But for most opponent, you’ll be a hard opponent. At least if they’re unprepared.

Very well thought through :blush: Insight doesn’t give too much damage reduction but at least a bit.

I hate however how Scoundrel and Battle Mage are used. Battle Mage only to overwrite Scoundrel skills and Scoundrel only for Balance.

I think these sets are poison for PvP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Infusion/Barrier and resist could be an option in this manashield build since it makes it add resists. Although that’s the only thing that makes manashield use resists. Then with cosmic talent. Although that require All resist somewhere.

Although I’m not sure about the Battlemage+Spellsword+Scoundrel idea. I mean they do add something to HP/MP and the balance but it’s the skill limiters.

The build does seem promising though.

Also yes manashield just blocks damage like a shield and doesn’t reduce damage. Only way it does reduce damage is by certain talents like barrier/infusion. Of course dodge/block too.

I would say MP absorb but I realise that MP absorb probably doesn’t work on mana shield and only if your actual HP gets hit.

Resource Mythic could be Equivalence (it may be a good choice) or alchemy (It’s experimental and I don’t think it would be too good on manashield but there are some parts of alchemy that could solve the problem). I think equivalence is a good choice because you’ll have a lot of MP and HP at equal values so if you ever run out of mana, you’ll have HP they have to burn through. and in that time, you can gain the mana back I guess.

Of course Regen/healing the mana by various means can help as running out of mana by being hit so much would suck but the dodge and such does help.

These are just my ideas but I’m not expert.

Storm skill :slight_smile: .

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Thank you :blush:
I hate Scoundrel and Battle Mage,but sadly no better way.
Original wizard skills are bad for arena.Manasheild is a lonely skill defferent from HP build can use ar/res to earn plus HP.
Only outs for manasheil is mp regen via insight talent which base on max mp.
CV/CP/SW/SP/AD is no doult for max mp.Then you will find “Battle mage + Scoundrel” is the best choice for both mp and attack way.Especialy Scoundrel gives 20% mp and 5% dodge per rank.Wy dodge is 10% + 5% x 3 + 0.2% x 11+ 8%=35%,still keep 24% under flawless trophy debuff.Scoundrel plays an important role.
BTW I call battle mage and scoundrel BRAIN EATER :rage: