PvP wizard talk!

Ok so I think we can all agree that wizard is by far the least played in battle arena. At least in eternal league. They show up a bit in 2v2 but they aren’t worth much it’s mostly the other class (probably rogue) doing 90% of the work.
Let’s get talking a little and compare builds and try to get this class used more!
I’m really interested in working at a summoning build maybe little half and half. I’ve seen a couple posts about summoning wiz.
This is mainly PvP but probably goes both ways, I feel like the posts are saying I don’t want the legend affixes for buffing pet dmg/HP what every. Do I want to build it just like I want over all dmg +ele/push/barbarian/ the oh so big balls glass cannon?
I’ve also been trying to do it with stacking wisdom using sets like satyr/cosmic/aetherial and equivalence instead of trying to do just HP or both with vamp/plagued/fauns but I’m really having trouble getting over like 40k HP and 400 power. I do understand alot of stats and buffs aren’t shown but you can tell he’s weak sauce. Any one else want to share and put in info let me know. I’ll get a screen. Shot of my half build soon. It’s pretty shotty ATM though

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Im using a blast-skullshield ice build. The skulls do pretty much all the dmg and its insanely high but its pretty much a gladcscannon build. I die pretty fast, thats why i have to use sanctuary. Else gladiator robe and trinket for heal reduce against tanky builds. I rushed mythic league to d1 with it but i just cant get past 1277 rating.

kinda going toward barrage spam build with procs but have a few pieces to switch with a pet build

Ya I’m finding that skull shield/dragon do almost all the work, kinda started thinking the other guys would be more dmg reduction use. That’s a tough rating to get past I was stuck there for a long time and I feel like I just kinda got a lucky stretch go get me past it and I stayed there untill I started doing to much experimenting g with wiz and warrior and now I’m kinda flirting between eternal/mythic I think that’s what like 1400 1v1 and 1200 2v2

I think I could make a wizard reach top eternal league after what I’ve learned with my Discordance Orb rogue. Well maybe not with Discordance but with some other powerful way to get there. I mean there is no dodge from power like rogue or ar from hp like warrior but resists can come from invested mana. Amplify talent also goes a long way in PvP even at 4.

There’s other things but I’d have to figure it all out. Skull shield dmg reduction, minions with dmg reduction, powerful orbs or other skills and so forth. It’s hard to master a wizard to eternal league too but I think it’s indeed possible if you know what you’re doing. I technically am using a wizard skill but in rogue class dealing 100k DPS with the enemy’s reducing it a lot but still dealing a lot of DPS. It’s not finished yet but I know when I could finish it and how it could look like.

Aftermath still has potential in arena that I know of as long as you have enough hp, enough mana to balance out and enough DPS. I mean yes taunt resist and fear resist does exist but it’s worth a shot. After all I’m most experienced with a wizard but I chose rogue because I can.

I have terrible luck with any sort of Mana shield build so I’ve been trying to stack Mana with equivalence but that’s kinda trying to be out of the norm. So I can’t use discordance but when I did I just felt like ipthe dmg was so pitiful with orb/reactor kinda build and torrent from CV would just kill me before I kill them

Hot damn you guys replied fast I was about to fall asleep now I think I’m gonna a go waste some more crystals lol

To exploit the Discordance chakram orb reactor idea in PvP and so far it’s working. Not full potential though as I keep dying so easily and some opponent I have trouble with but I’ll know if I’m done. Chakram has 300% base dmg. Even though low CD , still I’m doing fairly well. Cosmic orb helps too along with spamming vault to escape and I usually win. The reactor effect also helps. I use shieldwall for momentum effect and Dmg reduction.

In pve, the Discordance chakram idea so far is working very well with 45% reduced CD orb. The orb has dealt such insane dmg that I managed to deal over Quintillion frozen dmg and further. Multi attack affecting orb in both PvP and map helps a lot as well as push the limit and many other multiplier.

I think chakaram wins with boomerang because and I’m not for sure on this but it throws the 2 boomerangs and you can’t do anything untill they return it cause super high proc rate. As with like dagger or barrage they are quick with let’s guess a 10% chance instead of like 40% it seems and even though you can get 4 attacks to the 1 the chances are so low it might still take 10 attacks to get just one proc when boomerang procs enepigma twice in 1 attack. That’s what I’m using and I agree it’s dominating right now. That or anything Tanky and buffed torrent is just sit there afk while someone basically kills there self on you lol.

Hmm… I’m not sure about those builds as I haven’t tried myself but I see what you mean. I’m still trying to get back into shape for PvP and I might experiment with wizard.

How about energy and mana shield? Also mana shield does get purged unfortunately but I think you can spam the shield I guess.

I see though that wizard is difficult indeed to use for PvP. I mean I could try syngery mythic with summons for move speed but…

Defiant and bloodmagic with other combo and high hp? Push the limit in PvP useful. Some other thing… A CV build you could use but idk…

Many possibilities but hard to find the golden one.

Oh I don’t use boomerang. I use orb which has the chakram dmg. That get multipled by 2 multi attack and 18% push the limit. It can also do well with living force and potentially get multiplied with cosmic power + timewarp as an option but I didn’t choose these option as I didn’t need to. Still does real high Dmg and not even at full potential orb and i had this idea planned out before Arcanist existed but with fire and bleed as I used to think that was still superior. I chose shock or ice instead. My idea at the start wasn’t as developed as it is now and I chose it at the start because living force used to be super op and other op combos. I know a lot has nerfed and balanced out but I’m still doing so well.

Rip crystal for PvP for days.

Man the PvP meta really does need a change. It seems like it stayed the way it is for ages. PvP hasn’t changed so much after CV builds were norm.

Ohh never really thought about energy with Mana shield I’ve just been so confused with how to stack life/Mana/Regen and get any of them to numbers worth using I gave up and figured I would try to stack purely Mana use equivalence and skull shield
Also equivalence is the only resource mythic that can actually reduce dmg and I love those I guess stat hidden builds look like you have low life but just ignore incoming dmg everywhere.

Also finding resist are much more useful then armor in PvP witch kinda make sense cause you can’t really even stack physical dmg besides the little bit in weapons

Of course. I do think clogon build could still work even today with slight buffs but not as AI. Wizard AI is trickier than say wizard real time. I guess not many wizard up in eternal league top rank because of AI build difficulties. I’m still not so sure for AI build even now. I might try making a frustration build using wizard instead of warrior because I have an idea to combine so many dmg reduction affixes until high Dmg becomes super low. It would be tricky but if I’m successful, that would be awesome. Obviously using high resists because elemental dmg is always in arena but weaken might kill the AI. The goal I want is for the wizard to win because of so many draws and all. Warriors are usually more tanky but I can see wizards doing ok as a tank and or super high Dmg if I try my hardest and waste so many crystals trying. Stealth is no more though… :neutral_face: . So many possibilities that I don’t know might work or not.

Any upgrade suggestions? I want +set for the helm socket but im unlucky with farming, else my neck is pretty bad but i needed sanc asap so i just created one from nothing. I have a nadroji neck, so maybe i sanc it.

I have fully upgraded skullshield with affixes and its fucking strong both for pve and pvp. I nearly 1 hit everything in floor 450 m3 (using as hired).

I also have a pretty strong masochism glove. Not THAT good in pve because of the mana cost but its actually really good in pvp since the affix reduce, so barbarian is also reduced. My gloves also still have twister, maybe i should orb it? I have a good arc-orb crystal robe

I have reached Division 2 with ~1433 points, on the verge of Division 1 with my Wiz yesterday. It is definitely possible, since as of now (and the near future) my pet set skill is crap (Cosmic Power), don’t have any other.
I think with a few modifications D1 is definitely possible.

I use Orb/Discordance/Reactor/Terrashaper/Faun/Plagued with Mutiny Wand, which has high cast rate but only 100% damage… But from the experiences I’ve gained so far I’ll drop the OH Orb and switch it to Insolence Skull for SkullShield with maybe Taunt on it, and use Gauntlet instead of Orb (in order to not ruin my only Mutiny Gauntlet).
Also, Reactor seems cool in PVP but isn’t that strong, I think I’ll switch it out eventually. So far I have neither Living Force nor Cerebral Vortex, but to reach D1 Cerebral it seems like a must.

Then again I’ll switch out my eternal Chaos Visage to get Living Force.What I definitely don’t have enough is HP on hit and I need to add Reflect Damage to trigger it, so Chaos Visage must go, it eats to many slots. Vampiric Touch looks almost useless to me, since it only adds 37.5% HP, so once I find some useful pet I think I’ll get Overload on top of Terrashaper and Cerebral Vortex, or maybe get rid of Terrashaper since the damage from Earthshatter is insane, but it hits very rarely only.

So this is some very poorly arranged info about my build and Wiz in the Eternal League :yum:.

Cheers :blush:

Edit: @CuzegSpiked Dodge from Power should be in the order of 3% Dodge for Rogues, no? Since Power etc. get scaled down? Or does the Dodge stay at full Power invested?
Also, Minions are a two-edged blade in PVP. Opponents can easily fill HP up hitting minions with HP on hit.

You definitely need +Set, and need sets on Skull/Amu/Gauntlet. Also 2x Gladiator isn’t too good, so Plagued/Defiant/Faun with 6x Luck Nature on Gear and maybe 1x Crystal Luck should give you an insane boost, but very expensive. Only talking about PVP here of course.

%elemental damage affix is bad in PVP, use +ice damage and +HP on all (or almost all) 6 items. You do waste multiple slots for crit chance and crit damage which could be accomplished with crystal affixes (for PVE, PVP you have to think longer about this I guess), but then again it’s expensive.

I don’t know how a summoner works exactly, so I cannot comment on the rest. Elements could be switched out too in favor of something else. You definitely need Summoner Set+Mythic and maybe Spirit Master Set I guess.

For farming, get Eternalized, Nadroji and Luck on your gear, then convert bad Eternals to Crystals and you will soon get some Obsidians :wink: Eternalized >> Cristalline, because every once in a while you get useful eternals. Crystal items I convert 99.9999% of the time, too. Only thing I still have in my stash is a Lance with crystal block on it :relaxed: which is impossible to roll with Obsidians.

@Gummy remive crit chance and atksped crystal affix its not useful in pvp. U might as well add armor all resist or mp on hit to make ur survival rate higher

Im farming with rog. She has 2 nadroji, eternalized helm and crystallized weapon. Wiz is only for dmg as hired. What about druidic? Maybe switching to poison. I have 3 or 4 druidic parts, one of it is an eternal mana shield, has pretty good stats.

I have currently a few build options i could imagine using but i dont really know how to start. I have few reactor arc-orb parts, druidic mana shield and summoner/spirt master parts. Maybe an arc-orb druidic blight build with manashield?

True but it seems to be alright with pathfinder. I might reconsider my options though… Ed% useless in PvP I thought not because I kept 3 and did ok but I could try and replace with 3 epic shock dmg.

My focus is high Dmg whilst mid range hp (50k with over 100k+ dmg per seconds) . I’ll show you when I changed up the build a bit in private. I might have fucked up. I can see myself going to division 1 though.