Question about enslavers

Does anyone know if enslavers can still drop random legendary pets if they are farmed on the very early floors (farming floor 2 in my case)? Prefer farming here since the map is so small can find the enslaver in seconds. If they don’t have a chance of dropping random legendaries while on the way to completing the enslaver feat, I may just farm floors 100+ then.

If anyone knows would be appreciated.

Other posts say enslavers 1st appear at floor 20. Here’s some legend pet tips as well.

I personally hunt them on 183-185 because I like that map type for finding them. Takes me 20-30 secs avg. Apparently Max luck is what makes the difference. I run floor 185 M3 with 850 luck & 700% eternalized and don’t see many random eternal drops. I just run 185 M3 until I reach 149 kills then complete the feat on 500 for Merlin chance.

I appreciate the info, but still hasn’t really answered my question. I’m using hunter boost which is probably why they are appearing on floor 2. I prefer it because the map is extremely tiny and you can find them easily. I’m just unsure if they can still drop legend pets randomly at that low of a floor. I know I’ll get one once I complete the kill enslaver feat but i generally get at least a random legend pet drop or two while farming for the feat.

If they can’t drop a random legend pet at that low of a floor I’ll switch to 100+ then, but I’m hoping they do since those early floors are so small.

They should* drop the pet when you complete the feat, as far as the pet dropped on usual defeat…that is up to the RNG.

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@tdaniel i have a question is it possible to have two cartographer in one map or its just a bug… i find one carto with enslaver then the other carto is on their spot on green dot on map

Ok so as long as a legend pet can still drop with the RNG I’m ok with that. Thanks.

If you are on a challenge map…it could be possible. I have not seen that myself though.

Great info! I’m gonna try floor 2 for 149 kills to see what happens. Only downside is less gold, exp, and gear drops, but who cares if I can complete the feat in less time :+1: I’ve been hunting eternal pets for awhile & only got 1 :disappointed:

@tdaniel tnx for answering and how about this ?? Is this a bug ?

I put mythic vanish but its name is exposed shield :laughing:

that would be a steiger question :wink:

Honestly Peacedog, the only difference is the basically non existent experience and the low level crystals. However, I’m getting just as many legends as normal, and with max gold find its actually pretty decent. If you are solely after pets, I think it’s the best as the map is so small if it takes you more than 10 seconds to find the enslaver then you are not very efficient haha.

Perfect! Imma try your idea!