Question about the item level bwd formula?

What does the MAX part of the formula mean? I mean when I calculate the second part to the formula. I’m unsure exactly how to calculate had on item level.

It’s a typical Math lib function, in this case Math.Max (num1,num2) -> Returns the larger of two specified numbers

I still don’t understand how to calculate . Anyway I wanted to calculate so I didn’t have to find level20 chakrams or whatever to calculate bwd and DPS more accurately. If I don’t know, oh well, I can just hunt some items to see the base dmg. At least I kind of have an idea for the second part. I don’t even think I can calculate this using calculator.

Chakram’s have a base of 60 DMG as seen in the wiki. You want to calculate the DMG of a lv 20 Chakram. Putting those 2 values into the formula you get:

(60)(1+20/4)(max(1,1)) -> since the numbers in the max function is the same the value returned is 1


Thanks. I finally get what you mean :smile: :thumbsup:

I concern about DQ is This is normal or error as usual the rare crystal and the rare mythstone drop i finish it all the 23 feats the 21 are good but the 2 of them are very very worst i got a hero points but not the rare crystal & rare mythstone… how DQ answer and fix my problem before and i dislike about what happen to me bcoz 5times in rare crystal not drop i always salvage my crystal to gain the reward i try it all the diffent way in game but the same happen not drop rare as also as in rare mythstone ive tried 3 times… and i have a problem in when i have a 2 lvl 99 character oaken and violet i buy the ascension in shop are u sure 2times double exp in 99??? And when i select or pick the treasured the eternal and crystal in oaken i got 300%both character in oaken and violet in eternal and crystal find rate i got 300% and activated and i want or i will do that again in violet bcoz i want a reset and have again +300% when i click again the treasured i found out nothing happen in both character i check it as b4 300% only in both sucks i dump my chanced to have a better one perks if i know that will happen to me! How can u help me sir/mr.develeper/DQ staff? How can u fix and check my error! Please check it out…

Wot :confused:

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Do u undrstand what u mean?? Wot in wat?

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Your post is incomprehensible.

I understand what he means, he just said that there are couple of times that he completed the rare crystal loot feat but didnt get the rare crystal at some point but he still earned the hero points. And about the ascencion that thing he was saying about 300% on some perks i guess, he thought that if he both ascend two characters like the main and the hireling with the same picks, he thought it would be like stacking and double the value if he use two characters while playing.( game xploration crisis …have been there)

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: you my friend should learn the dungeon quest’s basics and way of gameplay and you must also know that bugs and errors in any games are always present. We palyers must deal with it.

I appreciate ur effort ^^ my friend gamos, :slight_smile: thanks a lot bro